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Date: April 3, 2001 11:59 AM

Subject: Fw: (Fwd) FWD: CALLING all activists, actionists, insurrectionists



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>> CALLING all activists, actionists, insurrectionists, revolutionaries,

>> artists, writers, photographers, musicians, storytellers, independent

>> mediatistas, radical optimists, utopians..... and anyone who feels that

>> they are part of the global surge of anti- authoritarian, anti-capitalist

>> movements.


>> A radical publishing project. 'We are Everywhere: the irresistible rise


>> global anti-capitalism' - involving a book , CD-ROM and web site is being

>> put together by a collective of activists, artists and writers and we are

>> looking for material.


>> "We Are Everywhere" is information for inspiration, it is NOT an academic

>> or objective historical analysis. The project will be pure provocative

>> propaganda. Contagious propaganda woven together from the many voices

>> emanating from the many worlds who make up this rich and diverse



>> "We are Everywhere" will celebrate, document, explore and critique the

>> recent rise of the global movement(s) against capitalism and for life,

>> autonomy, land, dignity and justice. The project is aimed at an audience


>> people intrigued by what they have seen in mainstream media and those who

>> stand on the edges of the movement and have not made the jump into

>> participation. It is also for those who mistakenly think this is a


>> of white Western kids, that it began in Seattle and that it just wants to

>> reform transnational corporations and global institutions. We aspire to

>> seduce these people into joining in the joyful revolution of the


>> while simultaneously challenging ourselves and each other to move



>> One of the great strengths of these movements have been their capacity to

>> re-ignite the idea of a truly global political project, a project defined

>> by notions of autonomy, ecology, direct democracy, self-organisation and

>> direct action. While events in Seattle, Prague and Davos hit the


>> the mass mobilisations and radical movements of which have provided the

>> inspiration to northern convergences and actions, have remained unseen


>> unacknowledged. This project hopes to redress this balance and tell many


>> the inspiring stories that still remain to be told.


>> Our time frame will begin, as most things began, in the global South,


>> the emergence of the Zapatistas in January 1994 and will end in March


>> with the fulfilment of the promise the Zapatistas made 7 years ago, that

>> they would take their struggle to Mexico City.


>> The project will be anti-copyright. There will be two print runs, a free

>> version distributed by mail order and hand and a version for sale

>> distributed in mainstream book shops. No one is being paid for this


>> and all profits will go into production of the free edition. "We are

>> Everywhere" will be launched in November 2001 to coincide with the


>> decentralised actions against the WTO ministerial meeting in Qatar.


>> What we want from You and what we are looking for:


>> Writings, stories, interviews, leaflets, rants, images, posters, scary

>> statistics, provocative quotes, driving digitally formatted recordings of

>> music or sounds from the streets, stunning photographs, anything that you

>> feel will help tell the story and inspire others.


>> If you would prefer not to write we want to hear stories, so maybe we


>> interview you ? We would like voices to be a key part of the book and the

>> CD-ROM.


>> The kind of things we do want - Street accounts of days of direct action-

>> whether the Geneva riots against the WTO in 1998 or your local community

>> participation in a global day of action; moments of inspiration that got

>> you involved whether it was joining the raging grannies in Seattle or the

>> activists in Bolivia that convinced you to join the struggle against the

>> World Bank; or simply how you are resisting capitalism in your own


>> in the everyday, and how you see that connecting to the wider movement.


>> Please try not to write more than 2000 words, unless you want to give the

>> editor

>> ase send material to: Submissions@WeAreEverywhere.org

>> OR: Everywhere / c/o 55 Rectory Road / Oxford / OX4 1BW / UK

>> OR: Everywhere / 1122 E. Pike Street #463 / Seattle, WA 98122 / USA


>> If you have any queries about this project contact us at the above



>> DEADLINE for receiving material - May 1st 2001 (easy to remember)


>> We are still looking for a team of programmers, media artists etc. to


>> on the CD-ROM and web site - if you are interested contact us.


>> A bit about us:


>> Our collective ( which still has no name ) has emerged to work on this

>> project and will soon disappear, like a surgical thread melting into a

>> wound, back into the work of assisting the decay of capitalism. It is


>> up of activists, writers and artists - all of whom have who have deep

>> connections to this movement. Some of them are involved in Reclaim the

>> Streets in the UK, others have worked in movements of the Global South or

>> were involved in the shut down of the WTO in Seattle, some are deeply

>> rooted in their local struggles others are nomadic organisers, some spend

>> time teaching others writing, some have jobs, some have kids and most

>> manage miraculously to do all of these things. If you look through police

>> video surveillance you will notice that all of them can be seen on the

>> streets of Prague last year, in various guises, enjoying another carnival

>> against capital. Now they are living in different cities, on different

>> continents but still remain connected by their irresistible optimism and

>> insatiable desire to turn the world upside- down.


>> For more info: http://www.WeAreEverywhere.org [still under construction!]


>> * Seattle * Bangalore * Prague * Dakar * London * Chiapas * We Are

>> Everywhere * Montreal * Tel Aviv * Port Harcourt * Nice * Bangkok *

>> Melbourne * We Are Everywhere * Cancun * Wellington * Seoul * Geneva *

>> Porte Alegre * Narmada Valley * Barcelona * Manila * New York * [add your

>> place] * We Are Everywhere * We Are Everywhere * We Are Everywhere * We


>> Everywhere *