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>The CUPE 3903 bargaining team has reached a tentative agreement on

>Collective Agreements for both unit 1 and 3.  After 11 weeks on strike,

>the administration has finally made major movement on the issues of both

>units.  The bargaining team and executive have decided to bring the deals

>to a ratification vote on Thursday, with a recommendation that the

>membership ratify these agreements.  The time and location will be

>announced later today.


>A summary of the key elements of the tentative agreements are outlined

>below.  The complete text will be sent out on 3903News and on the website

>by Tuesday afternoon, and an analysis by the bargaining team and executive

>will follow on Tuesday evening.


>Unit 1


>The key issue in the unit 1 collective agreement is tuition protection.

>We have secured tuition indexation language which maintains the principles

>of our previous collective agreement without a re-opener clause and

>reference to domestic students.


>Unit 3


>There were four major issues on the table for unit 3: a rebate linked to

>tuition; funding of GSA benefits; summer funding; a wage floor.  The union

>has won significant increases in all four areas.

>        Tuition-linked rebate: we have won the proposal with which we went

>into this round of bargaining, a rebate beginning in May 2001 which

>mirrors the tuition increases planned for the next two years.

>        Funding of GSA benefits: In the first year of the collective

>agreement the employer will pay 80% of benefits, and in the second year

>100%. In addition, we have negotiated a $15,000 fund to subsidize the UHIP

>fees for international students.

>        Summer funding: the union has negotiated a bursary fund of

>$100,000 to provide summer funding for our members.

>        Wages: for year one the employer will provide a base wage of

>$5,880, with a signing bonus configured according to our initial proposal

>(i.e. ranging from $882 for those at the low end to $72.80 for all those

>above $7280).  In year two the base wage will be $7,300.


>Back to work protocol


>The back to work protocol includes a work/compensation package similar to

>that in the unit 2 Collective Agreement.  We have also secured extensions

>of academic deadlines and terms of study, including a two month extension

>of academic terms.  There is also protection of community members and

>research/graduate assistants who were not official members of the

>bargaining unit, but who may have participated in the strike.