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> Date: Thu, 4 Jan 2001 17:32:09 -0500

> From: Bev McKee <bmckee@YorkU.CA>


> Subject: Message for all Course Instructors


> I am forwarding this information from the University on behalf of Dean

> Fallis. Would you please ensure the message is redistributed to all

> instructors, in particular, those instructors who normally have classes

> on Monday and Tuesday.


> The Ministry of Labour is holding a supervised secret ballot vote on the

> University's latest offer today Thursday, January 4th and Friday,

> January 5th. Results of the vote will be known Friday evening. Faculty

> should be prepared to begin the additional instructional period for

> FallTerm and Fall/Winter Term courses Monday, January 8th.  Faculty

> should be prepared to meet their classes, tutorials, labs at the

> regularly scheduled time and location to explain the nature of

> remediation or to recommence teaching.  The University’s top priority is

> to have York’s 33,000 undergraduate students return to class in an

> orderly fashion, complete the Fall Term and their academic year. Please

> continue to check the University's Web site at www.yorku.ca for further

> information.