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>Subject: students saying that min. wage is enough to live on



>Maybe the students would be more empathetic if they talked to the

>low-paid workers around them at their college/university, or

>maybe they would respond to reading testimonies from them.


>My son was in the Harvard student sit-in for a Living Wage (about double

>the minimum wage) [3 weeks in the President's office ... lot of food brought

>over by the dining hall workers ... no showers], and their website

>includes statements by custodians, guards, dining hall workers,

>etc. They are a bit Harvard-o-centric, but still worth reading.

>The workers' statements are at


>and at

http://www.hcs.harvard.edu/~pslm/livingwage/originalpage/part3.html --

>and if you are disheartened about the values of students these

>days, look at some of the rest of the site at

http://www.hcs.harvard.edu/~pslm/livingwage/portal.html .
Activism lives!  (and yes, I'm very proud of my son...)

>Also, try Barbara Ehrenreich's new book NICKEL AND DIMED: ON (NOT)


>Metropolitan Books, 2001; ISBN: 0805063889





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