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>Subject: yesterday's events



>hi all,


>just a quick report:


>the liberal thing went well, some people occupied the liberal headquarters.

>no arrests.

>the rest were outside handing out leaflets...

>about 80-100 people were there.


>then we had a speakers mike. sid ryan gave a nice speak... and others, like

>david mcnally, also spoke. it was nice pep talk.


>the public art collective had some heads on sticks and all that

>jazz. it was

>nice because the rhythm squad also showed up. jonnie and grant gave the

>puppets a cool groove to dance to.


>then we all left without incident.


>then at 4pm we went to senate.

>lots of senate talk stuff,

>then more debate about blue safety gates...

>but then in the last 5 minutes the senate

>voted to have a cupe link on the yorku.ca website.

>it passed. a minor victory.

>but will senate recommendations be implemented?


>and that was it.


>Lorna was there.

>she looked ragged and tired.

>(that is the real lorna, not the puppet)

>maybe we got her on the ropes...


>As people filed out, jonnie and grant beat out

>a tremendous groove.





>note: the high point of the senate meeting was when Andrea

>Harrington gave a

>stirring account of her teaching at york and her current feeling

>of betrayal.

>I got choked up. It was another strike menopausal moment for me.... mm