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>Sent: January 15, 2001 4:45 PM


>Subject: separation anxiety



>What an awesome party last night!!!! I've never seen the 360 alive

>like that before.  I missed David's class this morning - I have to stop

>overestimating my ability to deal with hangovers.  It was worth it anyway.


>I just wanted to add my own 2 cents worth of salty eye fluid to the growing

>current.  I think I've told this to almost everyone, but I just

>want to make sure.  Choosing York was a kind of huge decision for me, one I kept

>second-guessing afterwards.  I was worried the strike might make that

>second-guessing more than merely hypothetical.  But it has had the exact

>opposite effect.  I feel incredibly lucky to be here now.  I am

>looking forward to working alongside all you beautiful people.  Partying also. 

>((All work and no play makes Colin neurotic))


>I am going through Shoreham gate separation anxiety.  I miss it - I feel a

>bodily absence.  Given that there is no way my body is missing the climatic

>environment at Shoreham gate in December-January, I am forced to

>assume that it is all of you my body is missing walking with.


>This is going to sound ridiculous, (or like some kind of ascetic

>bullshit, even though it's the opposite) but here goes: I think situations like

>the one we're in here now at SPT are increasingly rare.  The program I could

>have gone to if I had not come here, at JHU, is well-funded and highly financially

>comfortable for an individual PhD student.  Nevertheless, from what I have gathered, the

>greatest extent of solidarity going on there comes from the fact

>that they are all equally highly financially comfortable.  They just don't know

>what they're missing.


>See you all soon and around,