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>Please add if you can or will your venom, comments, rage, and/or insight

>into this obscenity at UCLA, all in the context of the strikes at U of

>Hawai'i and across Hawai'i...it would be like nominating Henry Kissinger

>chair in global peace studies)  [see below]


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>Dear Jonathan, Thanks for doing this protest letter to Asian American

>Studies Center at UCLA-- the idea of a Ben Cayetano chair is such an

>obscenity it makes me want to weep here in the crazed theory forests of UC

>Santa Cruz.  Was Russell Leong aware of this Cayetano deification at such

>a moment?  I realize the Pacific Rim players have little or no idea what

>is going on in peripheral sites of the interior Pacific, but this one

>breaks all records for blind sublimation to an anti-education governor who

>stands for reactionary forces of downsizing, union-breaking and utter

>dermoralization of teachers high and low.  Please add my name to your list

>of protesters,

>Rob Wilson Professor of transnational/postcolonial

>literatures, Oakes College, UC Santa Cruz


>On Wed, 25 Apr 2001, Jonathan Y Okamura wrote:


>> Hi All,

>>           Below is a letter that the Ethnic Studies Department faculty at UH

>> Manoa sent to the UCLA Asian American Studies Center just prior

>to the end

>> of our 13 day strike on April 18.  The K-12 teachers' strike ended today

>> after their 20 day strike, the longest in Hawai'i education history.

>> Early analyses of the strikes already blame Gov. Ben Cayetano for their

>> occurrence because of his unwillingness to negotiate seriously: 

>"There is an

>> overwhelming opinion that the education strike is due almost

>entirely to him"

>> (Honolulu Weekly, April 18-24, 2001, p. 5).  An article in the Hawaii

>> Filipino Chronicle (April 16, 2001, p. 6) by UH Manoa Strike Coordinator

>> Dean Alegado noted Cayetano's pre-strike "campaign to vilify

>public school

>> teachers and UH professors as a 'bunch of lazy people who only work 9

>> months a year but get paid for 12 months.'" Does this mean that

>recipients of

>> the Cayetano chair will have to work a full calendar year

>instead of the usual

>> academic year?  Note that one of Cayetano's contract demands was that UH

>> faculty not receive any health care or retirement benefits during the

>> summer because we supposedly are not working.

>>           We ask for your support in bringing this issue to the attention of

>> the larger community.



>> April 17, 2001


>> Dr. Don Nakanishi

>> Asian American Studies Center

>> 3230 Campbell Hall, Box 951546

>> Los Angeles, CA 90095-1546


>> Dear Dr. Nakanishi:


>>           We are extremely concerned and dismayed that an endowed chair for

>> the "Benjamin Cayetano Professor in Public Policy and American Politics"

>> has been established at the Asian American Studies Center at UCLA.  The

>> University of Hawaii Professional Assembly (UHPA), representing 

>more than

>> 3,000 UH faculty, and the Hawaii State Teachers Association (HSTA),

>> representing nearly 13,000 public school teachers, have been on strike

>> since April 5, 2001, thus shutting down for the first time in

>the nation's

>> history an entire state public education system.


>>           Governor Cayetano's policies and actions before and during the

>> strikes by UHPA and the HSTA can hardly be considered worthy of academic

>> distinction and instead are reminiscent of the vindictive and repressive

>> tactics of the Hawaiian Sugar Planters Association against striking

>> Japanese and Filipino plantation laborers in the 1920s.  Defying all

>> logic, Cayetano has declared striking state workers on

>"unauthorized leave

>> without pay" and therefore not entitled to health care benefits.  He has

>> attempted to break the strikes and had workers endure further pay losses

>> by unnecessarily delaying the resumption of contract negotiations for a

>> full week after the strikes began.  While he has claimed there are

>> insufficient funds for the salary increases sought by UHPA and HSTA, the

>> state Senate has designated $200M for such pay raises and

>thereby publicly

>> challenged Cayetano's credibility.   While campaigning on campus as "The

>> Education Governor" in 1994, Cayetano promised he would not cut the

>> University of Hawai'i budget and then proceeded to do just that for seven

>> consecutive years, making UH Manoa the only public university in the

>> nation to suffer such a fate.  Clearly, Cayetano's anti-education and

>> anti-labor public policies do not merit having an academic chair

>named for

>> him at a prestigious university such as UCLA.


>>           We strongly urge you to reconsider establishing a chair in the

>> name of Cayetano since such an association with the Asian

>American Studies

>> Center can only damage its well established and highly respected

>> reputation for academic integrity, first-rate scholarship, and community

>> advocacy.


>>                                                                           Sincerely,




>>                                                                           Ibrahim Aoude, Chair

>>                                                                           (On behalf of Ethnic

>Studies faculty)

>>                                                                           Dean Alegado

>>                                                                           Ulla Hassager

>>                                                                           Noel Kent

>>                                                                           Greg Mark

>>                                                                           Jonathan Okamura

>>                                                                           Kathryn Takara