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>"Mister Rogers", by Jennifer Wells. TORONTO LIFE. January 2001: 70-78.


>While The York administration has been busy demolishing the university, U

>of T and Ryerson received $25 million and $10 million respectively from

>Ted Rogers.


>"Safwat Zaky is chair of what is now the Edward S. Rogers Sr. Department

>of Electrical and Computer Engineering. 'A gift of this size in many ways

>shows how the department is viewed outside, that this is a place of high

>quality,' he says. The majority of the University of Toronto funds will be

>focused on the graduate school, $14 million in graduate scholarships at a

>time when business is vacuuming up undergraduate students at appealing

>salaries. 'It's very important for us to offer a reasonable level of

>support for students to complete their master's, their PhDs,' says Zaky.

>'The country needs that. The university needs that. The students are the

>lifeblood of the operation.'"