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>To Lorna Marsden -

>I just read the quote below in the latest MacLean's issue on

>universities. I realize that Birgeneau's advice is diametrically opposed to the direction

>you are taking in the ongoing CUPE3903 strike, where you are

>working hard to get rid of one of York's real areas of competitive advantage -- the tuition

>indexation we offer our current and should offer our future graduate

>students... but I wouldn't put too much store in his comments; afterall, he's only been

>at MIT and UofT, what would he know?


>"Robert Birgeneau, the former dean of science at the Massachusetts

>Institute of Technology who has just taken the reins at the University of Toronto,

>believes that it is key for Canada to boost support to its graduate

>students. 'Our top grads are going to be rapidly sought after not just by

>the United States, but by Japan, Western Europe and the rest of the world,'

>says Birgeneau. 'We need to significantly increase stipends for graduate

>students, and to increase the number of graduate fellowships so people can

>focus their energies. They shouldn't be spending half their time in

>part-time jobs in order to feed themselves.'" (Maclean's 11/20/00:55).


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