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Carla Lipsig Mummé The Three faces of Victory
John Montgomery Dear History Students
William L.B. Woolrich The Effect of The Globalization Process On Tertiary Education
Jordan Singer The Reception of Lorna's Head - projecting meaning into an empty receptacle

Kathy Walker Bodies on The Line
Geoff Read Striking Discourse: E.P. Thompson,
Joan Scott and the CUPE 3903 Strike

Barbara Lindenberg Perspectives
Rosyl Thomas-Long The Politics of Graduate Student Funding: An Examination of the Graduate Assistant Negotiations at an Ontario Public Research University
"My story focuses in particular on the negotiations which took place with respect to the graduate assistant strike at the University of Toronto in January 2000."

Managing the Media: Communicating Labour at High Tech U Christopher Bodnar and Patricia Mazepa



captured on camera: disposible cameras on the strike lines capture good times and dangerous drivers

John Unrau

SHOOTING QUEBEC photos by Matthew Blackett


Life on the Line

crazed drivers and again
Murray Ross Drivers
picket safety - 1997 YUFA stike
what to wear?
good spirits @ Shoreham

email analyses

Expressions of Solidarity
Walter Whitely Strike at York - Tuition as key issue
Save the Semester / Save York
Solidarity - picketing issues
ut_gradfunding:_letter_to_Lorna marsden

save_the_semester: comment
Salutin respose to Globe and Mail Article





Strike Vote October 10th
Senate Notice October 23rd
excalibur_nov22_2001 With the CUPE 3903 strike in its fourth week and no end in sight, students will find the academic term extended to December and exams in January 2001.
Hansard November 27th, 2000
York_six_week_update December 8th 2000
Dec 19, 2000 CUPE 3903 angered by York administration decision to seek forced ratification vote.
forced vote: adminstration memo
Mass Move? December 30th, 2000
Jan 5, 2001 CUPE 3903 Media Release: CUPE 3903 is pleased that our teaching assistants and graduate assistant's have voted against the administration's Offer during this forced ratification vote WE WANT TO RETURN TO THE BARGAINING TABLE
Motion to Senate: Jan 2000


our universities are not for sale

Our Universities Work because we do


Events & parties


Education on the Line
First Nations Author on the Picket Lines october 27th
Shoreham Shin Dig november 17th
Save the term Day of Action November 24th
Public Art November 24th

Word on Fire: Poets on the Line, November 29th
Solidarity Party November 30th
Women's remembrance Day december 6th
Solidarity Party January 19th
Naming the Moment feb 7th 2001



Film: Strike to Win!
We Are Everywhere


back to work protocol

collective agreement highlights


Beyond York

Managing the Media: Communicating Labour at High Tech U (CUPE4600)

Memorial University Faculty Association MUNFA

Trent 2001

ubc strike94

U of T Daniel Kim
Chronology of the 2000 UofT strike
This chronology prepared with files
from the University of Toronto student
newspaper, The Varsity.
1975 Teaching Assistant Union is formed.
Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local 3902 (CUPE 3902).
1989 First strike of almost 2 weeks.
1991 Second strike lasts 2 weeks.
Rosyl Thomas-Long The Politics of Graduate Student Funding: An Examination of the Graduate Assistant Negotiations at an Ontario Public Research University

post-secondary around the country: MISSING PIECES II: AN ALTERNATIVE GUIDE TO POST-SECONDARY EDUCATION (released Jan. 10, 2001) By Erika Shaker and Denise Doherty-Delorme (eds.)

postsecondary education (CUPE news and speaking notes)

University of Hawaii April 2001:
"The University of Hawaii Professional Assembly (UHPA), representing >more than 3,000 UH faculty, and the Hawaii State Teachers Association (HSTA), >> representing nearly 13,000 public school teachers, have been on strike >> since April 5, 2001, thus shutting down for the first time in >the nation's >> history an entire state public education system. "

Graduate Student Organizing Committee The Union of New York University's graduate Student Employees
NYU: NYU Teaching Assistants Win Major Gains in First-Ever Contract at Private University

Harvard Living Wage protest

Brown University: Brown University Teaching Assistants and Research Assistants File Union Petition with National Labor Relations Board (may 2001)

Michigan State University: Teaching Assistants (TAs) and Graduate Assistants(GAs) at Michigan State University voted 662 to 192 to become unionized (april 2001)

yale - Year-long dispute tested new labor strategies 1996

"after a 13-month battle costly for both sides, negotiators have reached a tentative dining hall hiring agreement"
Social_Text_yale_strike: A Yale Strike Dossier

Mexico’s National Autonomous University (UNAM) 1999: massive strike at 38 campuses of the 270,000-student institution persists into its third month

UK Lecturers Strike: "The attitude to lecturers - truly the key resource in education and training - that informs the wages chaos, all that has to go. The stifling, backward, bureaucratic legacy of the 90s can be binned." may2001



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