From: YUFA in solidarity with CUPE 3903 [YUFA-CUPE@YorkU.CA] on behalf

of Anthony Wallis [wallis@YorkU.CA]

Sent: January 8, 2001 11:07 AM


Subject: Report from Shoreham.


Shoreham gate, Monday Jan 8, 0800-0945.


30-40 picketers, all in excellent spirits.  Lots of media

attention.  People speaking into "680" mike.  I said merely that

the "Dec 14" offer recently rejected could have easily been

made by the admin _before_ Oct 26.  Lots of picture taking by

Star photographer; insisted on getting my name, since bright red

toque (sp ? /tu:k/) and muffler covering face considered

photogenic.  G+M reporter turned up, and got joke when I asked

her if her name was Ibbitson.  Chatted with Walter G walking



Think I'll go for a nice long therapeutic walk out to Main Gate.


- AW