A Yale Strike Dossier:
Barbera Ehrenreich, "Forward: What Yale Is Teaching Us"
Cary Nelson, "Introduction: How Not To Handle A Labor Dispute"
John Wilhelm, "A Short History of Unionization at Yale"
Rick Wolff, "Why Provoke This Strike? Yale and the U.S. Economy"
Andrew Ross, "The Labor Behind the Cult of Work"
Duncan Kennedy, "Boola!"
Robin D. G. Kelley, "The Proletariat Goes to College
Corey Robin and Michelle Stephens, "Against the Grain: Organizing TAs at Yale"
Michael Berube, "The Blessed of the Earth"
Kathy M. Newman, "Poor, Hungry, and Desperate? Or Privileged, Histrionic, and Demanding? In Search of the True Meaning of 'Ph.D.'"
Robert F. Reid-Pharr, "Speaking Through Anti-Semitism: The Nation of Islam and the Poetics of Black (Counter) Modernity"
James Livingston, "The Politics of Pragmatism"
Stephanie Kane, "General Noriega's Toads: An Ethnographic Theater of the Absurd"
Gyan Prakash, "Who's Afraid of Postcoloniality?"
Winter 1996