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| VOLUME 31, NUMBER 17 | WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 24, 2001 | ISSN 1199-5246 |

CUPE 3903 Highlights - 2000-2002 Collective Agreements



Year 1 - 2% Increase, with lump sum
retro pay for September 1 to October 25
(full TA'ship = $10,179)
Year 2 - 2% Increase effective September 1, 2001 (Full TA'ship = $10,383*)
*Grant-In-Aid portion of TA'ship increased from $500 to $2579 (T-4A income) in 2nd year
Increased Music Tutor rate:
$49.50 in year 1 / $50.49 in year 2


Sept. 1, 2000 to April 30, 2001
    $460 per term
May 1, 2001 to April 30, 2002
    $490 per term
May 1, 2002 to August 21, 2002
    $520 per term


  • If the 2% cap on tuition increases is exceeded during the life of this 2-year contract (excluding MBA, IMBA, MPA, part-time LLM students), Unit 1 compensation will not be eroded (also includes ancillary and administrative fees).

  • Ways & Means Fund base-funded @$15,000 per year, with an additional one-time-only infusion of $5000 in 2000-01

  • Books & Supplies Fund base-funded @$8000 per year and now solely for members of Unit 1

  • $1.3 million formerly provided as one-time-only funding now committed to base budgets for a variety of funds, including Family Benefits and Supplementary Graduate Financial Assistance

  • Task Force to investigate cost of maintaining current core benefits package, plus up to $50,000 OTO to match $50,000 from Union if required to maintain core benefits by end of the 2-year contract

  • New Trans-Sexual Transition Leave - 8/35 of value of contract (normally delivered as 8 weeks of paid leave)

  • $3000 Minimum Guarantee Funding reduced employment obligation from 135 hours to 100 hours

  • Employees recover all but 5-days pay in Back to Work Protocol.

    UNIT 2


    Year 1 - 2% Increase, with lump sum
    retro pay for September 1 to October 25
    (full CD = $11,445)

    Year 2 - 2% Increase effective September 1, 2001 (full CD = $11,674)

    Increased Music Tutor rate:
    $49.50 in year 1 / $50.49 in year 2

    Increased from $300 to $325 per full CD (to a maximum of $975 per year


  • 6 already-agreed-to conversions to YUFA bargaining unit, at least 2 to the tenure-stream in year 1
  • 4 more tenure-stream conversions in year 2 (1 from designated group; 1 with at least 10 years of service)
  • Total of 10 conversions in the 2-year contract


  • 5 already-agreed-to SRCs in year 1
  • 6 more SRC appointments in year 2
  • Total of 19 SRC's in 3 years


  • Ways & Means Fund base funded @ $15,000 per year, with an additional one-time-only infusion of $5000 in 2000-01
  • $1.3 million formerly provided as one-time-only funding now committed to base budgets for a variety of funds, including Family Benefits

    UNIT 3


    Effective the date of ratification - Full GA = $5880 ($3000 + $2880 GIA*)

    Effective September 1, 2001 - Full GA = $7300 ($4300 + $3000 GIA*)


    NOTE: No employees will have the amount of their current GA reduced. If your current GA package is above $5880 in 2000-01, it will remain at the higher level. For verification, refer to the lump sum payment grid below, which lists what employees in year 1 at salaries above $5880 will receive.

    Lump Sum Payment Upon Ratification:

    Value of Full GA'ship Payment

    $5880 - $5979 $882.00
    $5980 - $6079 $837.20
    $6080 - $6179 $790.40
    $6180 - $6279 $741.60
    $6280 - $6379 $690.80
    $6380 - $6479 $638.80
    $6480 - $6579 $583.20
    $6580 - $6679 $526.40
    $6680 - $6779 $467.60
    $6780 - $6879 $406.80
    $6880 - $6979 $344.00
    $6980 - $7079 $279.20
    $7080 - $7179 $212.40
    $7180 - $7279 $143.60
    $7280 + $ 72.80

    NOTE: Nothing in the collective agreement restricts in any way the ability of graduate students to accept or receive additional non-employment graduate support (eg, fellowships, bursaries, awards, scholarships)


  • Additional GA Financial Assistance:

    May 2001 to April 2002 $30 per term

    May 2002 to August 2002 $60 per term

  • Benefits:

    Effective Fall, 2000 Employer pays 80% of premium for GSA Benefits Plan ($192) for individuals holding full GA (pro-rated for partial GA's). Effective Fall 2001, this is increased to 100% ($235).

  • GA Bursary Fund:

    The Employer will establish a GA Bursary Fund of $100,000 for bargaining unit employees. Disbursements of these monies will occur on April 30 of the contract year.

  • UHIP Fund:

    The Employer will establish a fund of up to $15,000 for the purpose of defraying the cost of UHIP premiums for international students who pay these premiums.

  • Maternity, Caregiver and Adoption Leave provisions equal to Units 1 & 2

  • Medical, Bereavement, Compassionate and Jury Leave provisions

  • Employees recover all but approximately 10-hours pay in Back-To-Work Protocol .

  • Graduate Students will continue to have access to undiminished additional funding in the form of scholarships, fellowships, bursaries, and other awards.


  • President's Letter



    The past few months have been difficult for all of us at York.
    I know that everyone is pleased that the strike is settled.

    I would like to thank York University staff members who have done a tremendous job for the University during this difficult time. Your unflagging strength, energy and dedication is truly appreciated by all members of the community you support.

    I also offer sincere thanks to all of you who have worked so hard this Fall to keep our students informed and connected with the University.

    This has not been an easy time for the York community but I am sure that we are all committed to the pursuit of our mission and our academic plans.

    With the restoration of full activity on our campuses I ask all members of the community to work together to continue to support and to build on the underlying strengths which define our University.

    Lorna R. Marsden
    President and Vice-Chancellor


    Board of Governors Synopsis

    York University Board of Governors

    Synopsis of Meeting of December 4, 2000

    At its meeting held on Monday, Dec. 4, 2000, the Board of Governors of York University:

    * Approved the president's report on academic appointments, promotion and tenure;

    * Ratified the decision of the Pension Fund Board of Trustees to retain a firm to invest international equities;

    * Approved the Ancillary Budget Plan;

    * Approved the construction of a 300-bed residence;

    * Approved principles and a financing plan for the construction of the Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) Building;

    * Approved the addition of an Executive Learning Centre to the new Schulich School of Business;

    * Concurred with the recently-concluded agreement with Local 1356-1 of the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE).

    Harriet Lewis, Secretary



    The Journal
    By Michael Todd

    ONLINE EDUCATION: PROFIT VS. QUALITY? Most educators support online learning as a way to make educational opportunities available to more students, but a growing number fear that commercial rather than pedagogical considerations are driving the distance-learning trend, according to the cover story in the January/ February issue of Mother Jones magazine. Voicing similar concerns is the cover story in the Jan. 15 issue of US News & World Report, titled, "The new mailbox U.: Discarding standards in pursuit of a buck."

    Noting that little is known about the actual quality of the online experience, the Mother Jones article says that rather than democratizing higher education, online learning could end up facilitating the rise of a two-tiered educational system, providing campus-based diplomas for children of the elite and mass-marketed online degrees for the less fortunate. Furthermore, it threatens to shift control over the learning process from college educators to administrators and marketers, blurring the line between higher education and business as never before.

    A recent University of Illinois study found, however, that high-quality distance learning is time- and labour-intensive and, therefore, less of a money-saver than many had hoped. According to the US News article, not having to hire full-time PhDs is what makes the online university such an attractive financial option. http://www.motherjones.com/; http://www.usnews.com/.




    Editorial Note

    During the recent CUPE strike The Gazette received a number of requests to report on the progress of the strike. Unfortunately the timing between The Gazette printing (Fridays) and distribution (Wednesdays) is too long to provide timely and objective information during on-going negotiations. For this reason alone, The Gazette did not provide weekly updates on the strike.

    The editorial policy of The Gazette is, as always: to serve as an objective reporter of campus and University affairs. It provides reports in a manner that is balanced and fair on news, information and external issues which affect York University. The complete policy may be read online at http://www.yorku.ca/ycom/gazette/editpol.htm.