The First Line of Defense

Michael Levy



It is said "The pen is mightier than the sword" History has proven this to be

true and depending who is holding the pen the outcomes can be productive or

destructive. In the early thirties Nazi Germany began their propaganda

machine and started to roll out it's hate messages They blamed the Jews of

all the social poverty and ills that plagued the country and after many

years of lies the German people began to believe the lies as their truth.

This allowed the most horrific mass murders in history. Six million Jews were

put in the gas ovens and most of the people of Germany were programed to

believe they were doing the right thing. The total death toll in World War

Two was thirty-million give or take a few million. Today it is just

statistics and folks are more interested in how the Stock Market is



Throughout history wars have flared out of the ignorance of mankind's reason

to exist. Power, greed, the need to control and conquer, have been paramount

to the "Egos of the Great." In today's world thirty wars are raging at this

moment and still we shrug our shoulders and just accept this as normality. We

pat ourselves on the back and award many accolades, trophies and Nobel peace

prizes to intellects -- from intellects.

A society that only lives by intellect alone lives a superficial life which

will eventually destroy itself. Where there is no meaning there can be no

evolving or creation. Superficial lives are artificial and rely on an

isolated existence powered by the ego's of misguided humans. Ego lives in a

grandeur of ignorance of universal intelligence. When a human is isolated

from the truth it becomes depressed. Depression relies on isolation. The

medical profession are beginning to realize prevention is the best cure for

our ills. When we are attacked by our own anti -- ballistic missiles of free

radicals, cancer and heart attacks pursue and strike our defensive immune

systems. If we can't take care of our own bodies what chance do we stand

looking after our Countries and civilization? The general is affected the

same as the foot solder when it boils down to the defense of the Mind.


Today we stand on the threshold of a new paradigm. We are in a new millennium

and Information Technology is moving at the speed of light. The Hi Tech world

has brought about great advancements in warfare. Smart bombs

Intercontinental Cruise Missiles can hit precise targets hundreds of miles as



It is time to understand that having the most advancement in weaponry will

not prevent horrific destruction in the future for the information technology

can also be used to destroy in the hands of evil thinkers. In the same way as

the pen of propaganda was used in Nazi Germany, technology will be used to

destroy mankind unless we start to encompass wisdom with our intellect.


America is the only super power and the guardian of peace. It is very

important to keep a strong military machine and to use that deterrent as a

means of preventing the next world war. This is a good second line of defense

but our priority is to educated the masses of a first line of defense in

which we can all participate. What can we consider a real defense and just

what is defense?




Sometimes we need to use the tactics of "pre-emptive strike" to protect our

own desired way of life. However, when we talk about "pre--emptive strike,"

we currently only consider a physical approach, which, almost always, also

results in Collateral Damage to innocent bystanders.


Consequently, now it is time to consider an alternative form of "pre-emptive

strike." We now ought to start educating all the citizens of our shared

world, to understand that Defense can also come from harmony and

understanding of who we are and our purpose to exist.


Religion no longer holds the interest of the masses. The Church of England

has less than one million people in it's churches on any given Sunday.

People today are finding peace and harmony within themselves. Just go to any

bookstore and see how the inspiration and self help sections have grown. The

media has stuck the name "New Age" on all modern philosophy that differs from

main stream religion. Many so called "Green and Spiritual groups" have many

hidden dangers. Neo-Nazi groups, anarchist, cults and all manner of nonsense

is portrayed on the Internet hiding behind a mask of Spirituality. However

most of the Spiritual sites are meaningful and Inspirational. Confusing isn't



Thomas Jefferson said. "Those who desire to give up Freedom in order to gain


will not have, nor do they deserve, either one." Freedom means freedom of

thought. When we free the doom from our minds we enhance the clarity of our

culture. We realize there is more than tissue and sinews that make a human

being. More than intellect and Ego. We can exist to divide and conquer or we

can live a productive and creative life in the Framework of a Joy filled


Joy is the reason we exist. This simple philosophy is so hard for the

intellect to understand. It is not a materialistic Joy. It is a knowledge

that we are all part of a Unified Intelligence that creates and evolves the

whole of the universe. Time is our most precious asset and we need to defend

our time against anything that takes away our Joy. That is true freedom. The

freeing of doom and gloom replaced with co-existence with our fellow man and

Mother earth.


Let's go back sixty years and remember the words of Winston Churchill. A man

who's powerful messages lifted the Spirits of the British people in a time of

their greatest need. He once said "If you do not fight for the right when you

can easily win without bloodshed, if you will not fight when your victory

will be sure and not to costly, you may come to the moment when you will have

to fight with all the odds against you and only a small chance of survival.

There may even be a worse case: you may have to fight when there is no hope

of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves"


We are now living in the year 2001. The time has come to move from the

primitive tribe mentality of belligerent nations and to move forward. We have

a need to understand that we are all part of a higher reality. These are the

profound questions that need an immediate answer.

Do we need to move away from our singular truths of how we alone see the

world from our own perspective?

Do we need to embrace a oneness with all the people that breathes the same

air we breath, eats the same food we eat and drinks the same water we drink?

Do we need to balance our minds so we live in the middle of universal


Do we want to live outside the pillars of wisdom?

Can we find the pathway to our inner temple of Joy?


Our First Line of Defense is our own minds and we need to protect ourselves

from the harm we do ourselves. We are our own worst enemy if we do not. If we

cannot find the correct answers to the above questions then we are living on

the edge of a precipice. Time is of the essence, it is not on our side. We

have a choice. We can educate the masses to become like minded people and

create a world that our children and grandchildren will enjoy. Or we can

continue as we are and endure all the suffering and horrors as we have in the

past. Our Minds -- Our Choice.

There are no winners in a conflict just some lose less!

Michael levy




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