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Call for Associate Editors

j_spot is calling for volunteers to assist for one-year terms on a pro bono basis, with a specified range of editorial duties, including those related to general scholarship, review, authors, images, articles, issues, consulting, accuracy, proofing, internet authoring, publication, advertising, and promotion.

j_spot is a internationally recognized, refereed, interdisciplinary, electronic journal focusing on a wide range of intersections between theory, politics, culture and social justice. In light of contemporary political and intellectual conditions in late capitalist society, j_spot aims to expand the space for interdisciplinary critique, innovation and originality.

The journal seeks to uphold the highest standards of confidentiality in every facet of its activities. Associate editors must agree to conduct themselves by the same high standards.

Candidates for associate editorships are asked to forward the following by electronic mail:

  1. Expected role
  2. an updated curriculum vitae, including:
    a. academic degrees
    b. disciplines of study and theoretical specialisations
    c. professional postal address
    d. electronic mail address
    e. computer networking experience
    f. editorial experience
    g. relevant publications
  3. a 500 word statement of interest/rationale
Proximity to Toronto, Canada, is ideal, but not essential. Letters of support from one or two academic referees, forwarded separately, are encouraged. Applications will be considered confidentially by the editorial collective. Professional academics, graduate students and faculty are welcome to apply. If questions about this process arise, potential candidates are invited to query the collective in advance of the application deadline.

Applications must be sent to jspot@yorku.ca no later than April 15, 2003.


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