Graduate Primary Supervision

PhD Supervison

Lisa Cooke, Dissertation Title: "North to Yukon: (Beyond) the Frontier in Canadian National-Cultural Imaginaries." Completed August 2009

Ted Baker, Dissertation Topic: Voting with Their Feet: Intentional Community as 'Engaged Withdrawal. In Progress

Catherine Sutton, Dissertation Topic: The Pragmatics of Picturing the Past: An Ethnography of Nineteenth Century Archaeological Visualizations of Huronia. In Progress

Siobhan McCollum, Dissertation Topic: Indigeneity and the Politics of Water in Belize. In Progress

MA Supervision

Annalise Weckesser-Muthalali, Thesis Title: “Thenmala Ecotourism Park: Questions of Development and Sustainability in Kerala, India,” Completed February 2006.

Ryan Weston, Thesis Title: "The Commodification and Appropriation of Hindu Culture," Completed June 2006.

Serena Thomas, Thesis Title: "Les Pieds La Avec Les Tetes Ailleurs: Mapping Diasporic Weavings of Blackness and Belonging in a Parisian Hair Salon," Completed August 2008.

Theema Mohamed, Thesis Title: "Exploring 'Development': Subjective Experiences of Tourism Development in Addu, Maldives," Completed September 2008.

Susan Rice, Thesis Title: " A Window to the Water: An Examination of the Historical Themes of Black Colonialism for Oromo 'Refugees',” Completed January 2009.

Sara Grandinetti, Thesis Title: Transcending Totalizing Models of Capitalism, Art and Consumer Culture: Embracing the Unpredictable in Forms of Visual Advertising,” Completed April 2009.

Siobhan McCollum, Thesis Title: "What is Poverty in this Place?: Discourses of Poverty in a Belizean Village,” Completed June 2009.

Lauren Harding, Thesis Topic: "Touring Nature in Banff National Park," In Progress.

Catherine (Niki) Thorne, Thesis Topic: " An Anarchist Ethnography of Hamilton Freeskool," In Progress.


Graduate Committee Membership

PhD Committee Membership

Katja Neves, Dissertation Title: “A Whale of a Thing: Transformations From Whale Hunting to Whale Watching in Lajes do Pico," Completed 2002.

Gabriella Torres, Dissertation Title: “The Paper Trail of Counterinsurgency Plans: The Documented Design and Implementation of Political Violence and Terror in Guatemala, 1976-1994.”  Completed 2004.

Linda Mannik, Dissertation Title: “Photography, Memory, and Refugee Identity: The Voyage of the S.S. Walnut, 1948.” Completed 2009.

Jean MacDonald, Dissertation Topic: "Toronto the Good?‘Illegality’  and Access to Basic Rights and Services in a Major Canadian City." In progress.

Nelson Ferguson, Dissertation Topic: Blue Collar Migration from Nova Scotia to Fort McMurray, Alberta. In progress.

Stephanie Kirkland, (Faculty of Environmental Studies) Dissertation Topic: Tourism and Heritage in Appalachia. In progress.

Karen O'Connor, Dissertation Topic: Memories of Empire in the Dominican Republic. In progress.

Jillian Olivierre, Dissertation Topic: Consumption, Nationalism, and Globalization in Trinidad. In progress.

Sara Grandinetti, Dissertation Topic: Affect and Consumption on the Internet. In progress.

MA Committee Membership

Jeremy Coombes, Thesis Title: "Franz Boas and George Hunt: Uncovering the Relationship between Anthropologist and his Collector,"Completed 2002.

Alex Wilson, Thesis Title: " Expo in Ruins: Touring the Fragments of a Canadian Dream," Completed 2006.

Leora Sas, Thesis Title: "Media Images, Survivor, and Tourism in Guatemala." Completed 2007.

Nicole Wright, Thesis Title: "“Knowledge, Nature and Inner Transformation: Nature as  Embodied Practice at Rejuvenation Retreats.”  Completed 2007.

Andrea Cole, Thesis Title:"Thresholds of Hospitality in Dutch-Surinamese Relations, 1667-2000," Completed 2008.

Susan Dupej, (Program in Communication and Culture) Thesis Title: "Self-Representing Culture: Aboriginal Identities and Place Branding in a Canadian Tourism Context." Completed 2007

Kaila Simoneau, Thesis Topic: Decisive Moments – Towards an Anthropology of Photography.  In progress.

Lynette Fischer, Thesis Topic: 'Next Year in Sarajevo: Nostalgia and the Symbolic Representations of Bosnia's Beseiged Capital. In progress.