NEW! Judith and Tamar's new cd,
Sefarad en Diáspora / Sepharad in Diaspora


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This is a different sort of CD from other ones we’ve recorded: it focuses on the Sephardic diaspora, and the links that songs both create and reveal among different cultures and times,  and how these songs both maintain their identity and change as they travel, along with their singers, from place to place. Sometimes the story stays the same and the melody changes, sometimes the melody stays the same and the words are different, sometimes a local melody or rhythmic pattern or story or idea is adapted. Of course, for each song and each version and variant we sing here, there are many others.These are songs that travel, of a people who travel, and learning them has enriched our lives. We hope they will also remind you of other songs and other versions, and would be happy  to hear from you about them.


Recorded in Axis Studio, Madrid, July 2005

Judith R. Cohen:
vocals, medieval bowed vielle, adufe, derbukka; concept, research, and liner notes

Tamar Ilana Cohen Adams:
vocals, adufe, derbukka

Wafir Sheikh:
oud, accordion, viola, saz, derbukka, frame drums, vocals in “Yā nūr”

William Cooley:
oud, psaltery, derbukka, frame drums

Eduardo Paniagua:
Producer; kanun, flutes, riqq

Information and booking: Dr. Judith Cohen

Ordering information:
Karonte Distribution
Alfonso XIII Nr. 141
E-28016 Madrid
Fax: +34 91 350 3358


Track Listing:
1. Oy que buena (sefardi - Turquía)
Hermanas Reina y Cautiva - romance

  2. La reina Sherifa mora (sefardi-Marruecos)
  3. Moricos, los mis moricos (sefardi-Bosnia)
4. La comida la mañana (sefardi- Turquía)
El Quintado y la Aparición - romance:

Mes de mayo (sefardi-Marruecos)
  6. Dom Fernando (Portugal)
Escogiendo marido:
Istemem/No quero, madre
      sound clip, mp3  format
  8. Yome, Yome (Yiddish)
  9. Majka Rada (Bulgaria)
10. Primavera en Salónica (sefardi-Grecia)
Una melodía que se transforma (sefardi-Marruecos)

  11. Hermana Simkha + Pescado frito
  12. Lekha dodi (letras: Solomon Alkabetz, 
13. Lá cima ao castelo (Portugal)
Landarico - romance

Levantóse el rey (sefardi-Marruecos)
  15. El rey que muncho madruga (sefardi-
16. Alevanta, Jako (sefardi-Grecia)
La Vuelta/Las Señas del Marido - romances
  17. Gentilz Gallans
(Francia ca. 1600)
  18. Escuchís, señor soldado (sefardi-
  19. Arboleras (sefardi-Turquía)
Ricolina, vou-me embora (region cripto-
         judio - Portugal)
  21. Germaine (Canadá francófono)
Mio amor l’è andà a la guerra (Italia)
  23. Pretty Fair Maid/John Riley (Anglo-
24. Yā nūr (Medio Oriente)
Una melodía de Bosnia de las tres religiones:
Kad ja pođoh na Bembašu (Bosnia)
  26. A l'Eskola de l'Aliansa (sefardi-Salonica)
Hamavdil / Al Dio alto (sefardi-Bosnia)
28. Buena semana (sefardi-Marruecos)
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