Dr. Kathryn Denning                    TEACHING OVERVIEW


Associate Professor, Anthropology, York University

CONTACT:     Office: Vari Hall 2036  Email: kdenning@yorku.ca  Tel: 416 .736.2100 x40136

Fax: 416.736.5768  Mail:  Dept. of Anthropology, York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M3J 1P3


At present, I teach undergraduate courses which range through several fields of anthropology: archaeology and material culture, socio-cultural anthropology, and biological anthropology. I also teach the anthropology of science, particularly The Anthropology of Outer Space. In my teaching, I draw upon the history and philosophy of science, and broader social theory.


Anthropology undergraduate courses include:

Anth 1130: The Living and the Dead: The Anthropology of Im/mortality from Ancestors to Zombies

Anth 2140: Humanity's Journeys: Introduction to Archaeology and Palaeoanthropology

Anth 2150:Ancient Civilizations

Anth 3270: Anthropology of Outer Space

Anth 3130: Archaeology and Society: Local Pasts in a Global Present

Anth 3520: Social Lives of Places and Things


Science and Technology Studies Graduate Program:

STS 6304: Anticipating the Alien