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Keith D. Aldridge

Professor Emeritus of Geophysics (PhD 1967, MIT.)

Undergraduate Teaching

FW 2011/12                 EATS 3020 Global Geophysics & Geodesy

Graduate Activities

       2011 Fall AGU Poster: Lunar Tidal Signature Found in Records of Earth's Relative Paleointensity

Research Interests
Geophysical Fluid Dynamics of the Earth's Fluid Core: Research in Dr. Aldridge's group centres on the application of laboratory studies of long-period fluid oscillations to the excitation and detection of these modes in the Earth's fluid outer core. Non-linear and viscous effects, observed in laboratory experiments but ignored in present theory for such modes, play a central role in the identification of core modes in the superconducting gravimetric data. Furthermore, coupling between fluids and their containers has suggested the use of VLBI (Very Long Baseline Interferometry) as a tool to detect core oscillations and initial results from our analysis of some NGS/NOAA data appear promising. 


·American Geophysical Union

·Canadian Geophysical Union

·Association of Geoscientists of Ontario

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