Lie the hakama front down on the floor with the right hand side 2 cm over the left, and straighten out all the wrinkles.

Take the koshi-ita with the right hand and flip the hakama over by securing the bottom of the hakama to the floor with the left hand. The back should be on the floor with the front facing up.

Fold the left and right sides 10 cm into the middle.
Fold three or four times from the bottom.
Turn the hakama over so that the koshi-ita is facing up.
Fold the cords (himo) into four and cross them diagonally.
Feed the two back cords over and then under the crossed front cords.
Thread the back cords back down and under where they crossed over the front cords.
Arrow on right side points to back cord.
Pull the left cord up and move it down to the diagonal right and thread it through the loop where the right back cord is wrapped around the front cord.

Do the same for the right side.

Completed folding of the hakama.