Ashi-sabaki Footwork
Ayumi-ashi Walking step, right foot-left foot

Bogu Armour consisting of a helment, chest protector, waist protector and gloves
Bokken Wooden sword used for Kata
Budo Way of martial arts

Chudan-no-kamae The middle guard position, wth the sword pointing at the opponent's throat

Dan Level; black belt rank
Do Armour covering the torso, a strike to the torso
Dou Path
Dojo Training hall; Buddhist temples and any training hall where a "Way" is practiced.

Gi Training uniform
Gedan-no-kamae Lower guard position

Hai Yes
Hakama A divided skirt-like pant. It is usually black or dark blue and is worn by men women of all ranks.
Hasso-no-kamae A guard position where the sword is held to the right side of the head, with the cutting edge pointed toward the opponent.
Hidari Left
Hiraki-ashi Sideways step

Jigeiko Free practice
Jodan-no-kamae Upper guard position

Kakarigeiko All-out attack practice
Kamae Guard position
Kanji Japanese or Chinese written characters
Kata Fixed form or coreographed sequences of movements used as a learning technique in martial arts
Katana Sword
Keiko Practice session or training
Keiko-gi Jacket
Kenjutsu Swordmanship, the techniques of using a sword for combat
Ki Fundamental creative principle (force, energy)
Kiai Full of ki; on the physical plane kiai is manifest as a piercing shout emanating from the depths of ones being. On the spiritual plane, it is manifest as a steady outpouring of vital energy.
Kirikaeshi Continuous strikes of right and left men alternately
Kodachi Short sword
Kohai Junior student
Kote Gloves, forearm, or strike to forearm

Maai Distance; a proper space between two partners varies with the height of the partners and whether or not they are holding weapons
Men Face or head; the helmet
Migi Right

Noto Resheathing the sword

Okuri-ashi Sliding step with leading right foot

Reigi Etiquette or courtesy

Sage-to Holding the shinai at the left side of the body
Seiza Formal style of sitting
Sempai Senior student
Sensei Teacher; title use for instructor
Shinai Bamboo sword used for Kendo
Shomen (1) Front or top of head; (2) Front of the dojo
Shomen-uchi Strike to the front or top of the head
Sonkyo Knee-bend squat
Suburi Shinai swinging practice
Suri-ashi Sliding step

Taiatari Body check
Tare Waist protector
Tenugui Traditional hand towel, worn under the men
Tsuba Sword guard
Tsugi-ashi Short step
Tsuka Hilt of sword
Tsuki-dare Throat protector

Uchi-deshi (1) Inner discipline; (2) A student who lives in the dojo and acts as a 24 hour trainee/attendant
Uchi Strike

Waza (1) Technique; (2) Practice
Waki-gamae Guard position with shinai at one side to conceal the blade

Zanshin Unbroken concentration; zanshin is the "following through" of a technique. A moment of settling and stillness at the completion of a technique where one has complete and continuous awareness of one's surroundings.


Sourced from Emerald Coast Kendo Club web site