Team Members:

Claude Labine, President of Campbell Scientific Canada

“Claude Labine studied and attained his MSc in Agrometeorology at the University of Guelph in 1974. He holds adjunct professorship positions at both University of Alberta and University of British Columbia. He has been involved in environmental monitoring for over 34 years. As an evaluation leader on several United Nations Development Projects, experts in a wide range of fields have called upon Mr. Labnine’s experience. An accomplished writer, researcher, presenter and instructor, Mr. Labine’s main duties at CSC include the support of specialty products such as Eddy Correlation and Bown Ratio systems, marketing, and advertising. He also teaches several “hands-on” instrumentation courses at Canadian universities across the country.” Source: www.campbellsci.ca

Claude’s connection to Polar Bear Pass (PBP) has been long-term. He is our industrial partner. Claude installed the main Automatic Weather Station (AWS) at Polar Bear Pass over 20 years ago. Claude graciously updated the weather station equipment in 2006 and he or one of his CS employees to check on the site, download data and to replace equipment. The site was updated with new equipment in 2012. We recently published a paper in Hydrology Research dealing with the summer climatology of this site and we have started work on a second paper looking at the fall-winter climatology of the site. Claude’s expertise in High Arctic climatology is invaluable and builds upon his 35+ years of working across the Queen Elizabeth Islands.

PBP: International Collaborators:

Dr. Julia Boike and Dr. Sina Muster, Research Scientists, Alfred Wegner Institute for Polar and Marine Research, Potsdam, Germany

Julia and Sina joined us at Polar Bear Pass (PBP) in 2008 and Sina just finished her PhD research in Fall 2013. Her last field season at PBP was in 2010. Their research on soil moisture levels and remote sensing imagery will further our understanding of evaporation loss from this extensive wetland. Terra-SarX imagery in 2010 suggests that there are approximately 4800 ponds at PBP and because of Sina and Juila’s research we now have a 1 m digital elevation model (DEM) for PBP. Anna Abnizova and Elizabeth Miller, two former graduate students of mine received prestigious DAAD internships to the Alfred Wegnener Institute, and spent some time in Potsdam working with Julia and Sina. Anna also joined them for two expeditions to Siberia to study autumn freeze-back processes.
Julia is now head of a new international permafrost project called Sensitivity of Permafrost in the Arctic (sparc). The full name is: Sensitivity of the Permafrost System’s Water and Energy Balance under Changing Climate: a Multiscale Perspective. Click here for further information: http://www.awo.de/

Iceland: International

Kristinn Guðjónsson

Kristinn Guðjónsson (MSc, U of T) is Head of Natural Science at Borgarholts College, Reykjavìk, teaching also at the Universities of Iceland and Bodö, Norway. He is regarded as a permafrost expert and volcano specialist in Iceland. Kristinn is an excellent communicator. A few years ago, he participated in the widely successful CBC Nature of Things - Geologic Journey II and in a North American lecture series on the eruption of Eyjafjallajökull. Click on this link to see more about the lecture tour: www.lh-inc.ca (Kristinn Guðjónsson -effects of volcanic activity far-reaching).

Prof. Bent Hasholt

Prof. Bent Hasholt, Emeritus, Department of Geoscience, University of Copenhagen will provide guidance on snow lysimeters/plots and the manipulation treatments of ash deposition (type/thickness). He is recognized for his expertise in glacial hydrology/climatology research, Greenland. He is also affiliated with CENPERM (Center of Permafrost Research), a newly established Center of Excellence at the University of Copenhagen.

Paddy Halton

Paddy Halton, owner TrueNorth Mapping, Shannon, Ireland is an industrial partner. Patty will help provide Real Time Kinematic (RTK) GPS surveying of the study sites in Iceland, summer 2015. Check out his website: www.truenorthmapping.ie.