Welcome to this website, which provides an overview of work by Fuyuki Kurasawa, Associate Professor of Sociology at York University in Toronto, Canada, as well as of projects with which he is involved. It is also intended to disseminate findings and provide resources for researchers, educators, and students interested in issues of critical theorizing, interculturalism, global justice and human rights, and visuality.

The title of the website is deliberately paradoxical, expressing a productive tension between the fact that its different components are woven together relatively loosely and the existence of a common thread running through most of them; instead of imposing what would amount to a retrospective unity or an artificial sense of finiteness to its parts, it is more useful to think of them as jutting out in various directions while being perpetually in a process of assembly and reassembly. Fragments are also an apt metaphor because the research found here is analytically anti-reductionist (or multiperspectivist) and theoretically post-paradigmatic, even iconoclastic, in its attempts to simultaneously steer clear of and question the existence of some of the sterile dogmatisms and seemingly irreconcilable dichotomies that have defined critical modes of social, political and cultural theorizing over the past few decades.