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Faculty and Staff


Yvonne Bohr, Director


Jennifer Connolly, Department of Psychology

Gord Flett, Department of Psychology

Jessica L. Fraser-Thomas, School of Kinesiology & Health Science
Debra Pepler, Department of Psychology
Maggie Toplak, Department of Psychology

Melody Wiseheart, (formerly Nicholas Cepeda), Department of Psychology
Jennine S. Rawana, Department of Psychology
Hala Tamim, School of Kinesiology & Health

Associate Members

Susan Dion, Faculty of Education
Sarah Flicker
, Faculty of Environmental Studies
Jennifer Jensen
, Faculty of Education
Nazilla Khanlou, School of Nursing
Tsorng-Yeh Lee, School of Nursing
Alison Macpherson
, School of Kinesiology & Health Science



Irene Backhouse, Centre Coordinator

Senior Scholar

Desmond Ellis, Department of Sociology

External Associate

Trevor Hart, Department of Psychology, Ryerson University

Visiting Scholars

2010/2011: Shmuel Shulman is professor of Clinical and Developmental Psychology in the   Department of Psychology at Bar Ilan University, in Israel. Dr. Shulman's main research interests are close relationships in adolescence and young adulthood with a major emphasis on the developmental course of romantic relationships and their adaptive and maladaptive expressions. In addition, he focuses on the impact family intergenerational models on offspring relational involvements and functioning.

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