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About Liberal Arts & Professional Studies

Chart your own path

Make a difference. Run a company. Explore the world. Write a masterpiece. The Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies (LA&PS) offers an exceptional array of undergraduate and graduate degree, certificate and diploma programs and the opportunity for you to create an educational experience that matches your career goals with your passions and interests.

We're committed to your academic success with flexible course scheduling during the day, evenings and on weekends. Many programs offer double major and major-minor options so you can be inventive with your choices. If you're a student who is balancing courses with work, we offer online options that allow you to take more control over where you study and when you study.

You'll learn from renowned researchers and award-winning professors who bring leading-edge ideas and technologies into the classroom. You'll also learn from your fellow students who come from over 100 countries around the world and bring myriad voices and unique experiences.

Add an international element to your studies

Explore the world beyond Canada's borders. LA&PS offers a number of ways for you to gain a global perspective. Turn your BA into an international BA (iBA) through such programs as anthropology, history, French studies and political science. Go on an exchange and study in Australia, Barbados, Mongolia, Poland, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey and more! Learn another language or take a study abroad course. You can pursue an internship and apply your academic knowledge to an international work environment. Past placements include African Youth Foundation in Bonn, Germany; Canadian High Commission in New Delhi, India; and Oxfam GB in Moscow, Russia.

LA&PS is home to many international students. If you're new to Canada York has a number of resources and services to help ease your transition including the International Student Peer Program . Get the inside scoop on what life in Canada and at the University is like and build your social network by participating in events throughout the year.

Make the most of your time at York

Your learning won't be confined to textbooks. We're dedicated to helping you build your network through a wide array of student clubs, events and volunteering. There are countless community and research projects, skills workshops and mentorship opportunities to get involved with.

You can even interact directly with organizations you could be working for in the future through our experiential education initiatives. We've partnered many courses with local businesses and non-profit organizations to help enliven your experience. You could help solve an organization's HR challenges; develop initiatives to empower disadvantaged youth; create a plan to enhance business marketing strategies; or raise awareness about a critical issue in your community.

Be confident in your future

"Being a renaissance person is a way to find success today. It's what people are looking for—well-rounded, interesting, interested humans. That's what York brought to me." - Jian Ghomeshi (BA '95)

No matter what stage of education you are at—just starting out or returning to your studies—a degree or certificate from LA&PS will prepare you for the challenges you'll face in the workplace and in life.

Today's reality is that individuals will change their career on average 5-7 times. So how will you go from being a writer to being a business manager? Or from being a curator at a museum to a policy analyst? As an LA&PS student, you'll gain the transferable skills that are valued by today's employers and that will allow you to transition, with confidence, between careers.

Transferable skills are skills that you will acquire that will be applicable to any number of jobs throughout your working life and that can be applied in a variety of contexts. Some of the key transferable skills you'll gain as a student in our Faculty include:

  • clear and effective writing and speaking skills;
  • an understanding of how to explore issues from a range of angles and points of view;
  • a well-developed ability to work independently and collaboratively;
  • expertise to apply theoretical knowledge to real world challenges;
  • the capacity to think independently, critically and analytically;
  • open-mindedness, adaptiveness and flexibility;
  • the ability to learn from and adapt to change; and
  • skills to make informed decisions and to defend those decisions in argument.

So, if you're wondering what you're going to be able to do with a philosophy or history or political science degree, the answer is almost anything.

Take your education to the next level

Thinking of graduate school? Delve into research to create, cure, discover or explore. Our undergraduate programs build a solid foundation to help you prepare for a master's or PhD. Graduate degree options in our Faculty span classic doctoral degrees in disciplines such as economics and the humanities, to cutting-edge specialized master's programs including the new Master of Financial Accountability, the Master of Arts in Disaster & Emergency Management, and the executive-style Master of Human Resources Management.