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What Can You Do With A Degree In Anthropology?

We're sure your parents are asking you that question right now. You could sing them an answer.

More seriously, students who graduate with a BA Degree in anthropology from York University have gone on to a wide variety of professions. The question you need to ask is not "What can I do with a degree in Anthropology?" but "What is my dream job and how can a degree in anthropology help me get it?"

Anthropology can provide a set of critical skills for a variety of jobs where adaptability and
are increasingly demanded to succeed in the workplace. The top 10 in-demand jobs in 2010 did not exist in 2004 - but the skills needed to get those jobs are taught in Anthropology.

In fact, Anthropologists are considered the new corporate must-have. Check these other recent articles in business periodicals:

A number of our students go on to postgraduate (MA, PhD) studies, but most go on to quite different careers in which they find their anthropological knowledge and skills to be great assets. Some of these careers may include:

Check the American Anthropological Association's Careers in Anthropology website.

Why do humans have such different ways of living and thinking?

What makes you different from and similar to other individuals and groups both in Canada and around the world?

Why are we not becoming all the same in our global world due to new technologies, new media and more powerful multinational corporations?

Why do social inequality, poverty, racism, and violence continue to occur around the world, including here in Canada?