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What You Can Do With A Degree In Anthropology?

Make a Movie...

A  number of prominent movie makers have started their careers in anthropology. For example:



Dan Yon

Associate Professor, Anthropology

Dan Yon has produced a number of films on anthropological themes. His latest is ‘SATHIMA’S WINDSONG’ (2010). The film is a lyrical portrait of the life of acclaimed South African jazz singer Sathima Bea Benjamin, born in Johannesburg in 1936, raised in Cape Town, interfaced with jazz greats of the world, and now based in New York City.




Sam Dunn

obtained his MA in Anthropology from York University in 2001 and has been making films since. His latest is the 2008 music documentary Global Metal. His interest in the "culture of heavy metal music" has now given birth to an 11-part television series "Metal Evolution" to be aired on MuchMore music channel beginning 11 Nov. 2011. For more, see: Chief Headbanger.


If this career path appeals to you, consider doing a minor (honours minor 36 credits) from among our Cultural Studies offerings:

Required (18 credits):

AN 2110 6.0 Core Concepts in Anthropology

AN 2120 6.0 Visualizing Ourselves, Visualizing Others

AN 3350 6.0 Culture as Performance: The Anthropology of the Arts

Electives (18 credits):

AN 3020 6.0 Race, Racism and Popular Culture

AN 3120 6.0 The Anthropology of Tourism

AN 3130 3.0 Archaelogy and Society: Local Pasts in Global Present

AN 3230 6.0 Women, Culture and Society

AN 3550 6.0 Science as Practice and Culture

AN 4220 6.0 The Cultures of the Web

AN 4350 3.0 Perspectives on Visual Anthropology

AN 4440 3.0 Anthropology of Masculinities

AN 4550 3.0 Anthropology of Cosmopolitanisms




Why do humans have such different ways of living and thinking?

What makes you different from and similar to other individuals and groups both in Canada and around the world?

Why are we not becoming all the same in our global world due to new technologies, new media and more powerful multinational corporations?

Why do social inequality, poverty, racism, and violence continue to occur around the world, including here in Canada?