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What Can You Do With A Degree In Anthropology?                              [back]

Become a High School Teacher…

Your degree in Anthropology will help you qualify for a Bachelor of Education, and a career teaching Social Sciences in High School. Your Anthropology courses count towards the necessary preparation for admission to the Faculty of Education's programs.


Prof. Daniel Yon's

(Ph.D. York Anthropology, 1996)

interest in school ethnography, pedagogy, discourses of youth and identity bridges his joint appointment to both the Faculty of Education and the Department of Anthropology. Recent work deals with school-based ethnography of race, identity and popular culture, and works with the fluidity of both race and ethnicity and, in these global times, the dialectics of culture as product and process. He is the author of Elusive culture: Schooling, race, and identity in global times (State University of New York Press, 2000)



Prof. Stephen Gaetz

(PhD York Anthropology 1990)
Associate Professor, Faculty of Education

Prof. Gaetz was York Anthropology's first doctoral graduate.

He is now Associate Professor in the Faculty of Education. His research interests include homelessness, youth culture, criminal victimization and community development. His research on young people who are homeless has focused on their economic strategies, health issues and legal and justice issues.



Your Anthropology courses, in combination with courses in the Humanities, Psychology, Philosophy, Sociology and Social Science count toward the degree requirements for both the Concurrent and Consecutive BEd programs.






Why do humans have such different ways of living and thinking?

What makes you different from and similar to other individuals and groups both in Canada and around the world?

Why are we not becoming all the same in our global world due to new technologies, new media and more powerful multinational corporations?

Why do social inequality, poverty, racism, and violence continue to occur around the world, including here in Canada?