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Natasha Beranek is a sociocultural anthropologist with a research background in culture, race and ethnicity, Central and Eastern Europe, narrative and life history, and Romani sociality. As the recipient of an Overseas Research Scholarship from University College London, she completed her Ph.D in anthropology from 2006-2011. Whilst a student at UCL, Natasha spent 18 months in the Czech Republic performing fieldwork with a local Romani population. Through long-term participant observation, she explored how members of this Romani population frame their ethnicity during their daily interactions with other Roma as well as (white) Czech individuals. She also has analyzed Romani women’s narratives about their lives in communist and post-communist Czech society.


In 2012, Natasha was awarded the Marian Madison Young Scholar's Prize for excellent writing from the Gypsy Lore Society. Her other research interests include individuality and the self, anthropology of development, local cultures and sustainability projects, and the Rastafari social movement.








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