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1997 – 2000: Four-year SSHRC Standard Grant: Contemporary Socioeconomic Change. Thomastown, County Kilkenny, Ireland.

          -  1997 (seven months)

1998  -  1999 (sabbatical year; ten months)

          -  2000 (four months)

1995 (two months). Thomastown. Pilot research to prepare a major SSHRC research grant proposal on socio-economic change and the reproduction of an Irish parish in the "New Europe", 1985-98.

1992 (six weeks). Thomastown and Kilkenny City, Ireland. Research on the Inland Salmon Fishery.

1989 (four months). Thomastown and Clonmel (County Tipperary), Ireland. Research on the history  and structure of the inland salmon fisheries.  Dublin: Archival research in the Land Registry.

1987 (three months). Thomastown. Update of research materials and collection of biographies.

1983 (four months).  Thomastown, Kilkenny City, and Dublin. Completion of project noted below.

1980-1981 (14 months). Thomastown, Kilkenny City and Dublin. Economic differentiation, class formation and agrarian change in a southeastern Irish parish.

1979 (two months).  Southeastern Ireland. Pilot research on changing patterns of agricultural  production and agrarian structure.

1978 (five months). Machala and Guayaquil, Ecuador. The political economy of banana production and the implications of export agriculture on agrarian social structure.

1977 (three months).  Quito and Guayquil, Ecuador. Pilot research on patterns of capital formation and land concentration in coastal, tropical agriculture.

1976 (three months).  Cuernavaca, Mexico. Spanish language training.

1971 (two months). Georgetown, Guyana. Collection of archival materials for factionalism study.

1969-1970 (14 months).  West Coast Berbice, Guyana. For Ph.D. dissertation.  Local-level politics, patterns of village factionalism and economic change in an East Indian rice farming village, 1902-1970.

1967 (five months). Montreal, Winnipeg and Edmonton. Research Assistant to H.B.M. Murphy, M.D., Ph.D., Department of Transcultural Psychiatry, McGill University. Bibliographic research: comparative studies of ethnicity and mental illness.

1966 (five months).  Mackenzie, Guyana. For M.A. Thesis. The applicability of deviance models and youth culture theory to the West Indian context using data collected in a bauxite mining town.


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