Maya Shapiro
Department of
Profile Research AN3630 AN4430

ANTH4430 6.0 The Anthropology of Reproduction, Personhood & Citizenship

Course Director: Prof. Maggie MacDonald/Dr. Maya Shapiro

Time: Tues. 11:30-2:30 VH 3005

Human reproductive events and experiences are made meaningful through the complex interplay of biology, culture, and society. Powerful institutions within society such as biomedicine, law, and politics, also shape the way people imagine and manage their reproductive lives, as do global economic and development trends. This course draws on feminist perspectives on women's health and the body as well as theory and methods in medical anthropology to explore the complex relationships between reproduction, personhood, and citizenship through the study of contemporary and historical issues.
Topics will include: family planning and maternity care interventions in the name of colonialism and development; state and faith sanctioned uses of new reproductive and genetic technologies in realizing goals of nation, citizenship and family; pregnancy and motherhood as "skills of consumption" in North America; the globalization of the abortion debate through NGO funding policies; maternity care in contexts of poverty, violence, and migration; the implications of technology for parental and fetal personhood, and birthplace and citizenship issues worldwide. Students enrolling in this course should have some familiarity with health, reproduction or science studies through previous courses.

Format: Three seminar hours





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