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ANTH 4030 6.0 Intercultural Training Skills

Course Director: Carol Tator

Time: Thurs 8:30-11:30 VH 3005

What does one do with an anthropology degree if one does not become a field anthropologist or go on to graduate school? This course attempts a partial answer to that question by helping to equip students with a body of theoretical knowledge and a repertoire of tools and skills that can be applied to each of these areas of specialization. Intercultural relations, anti-sexism, anti-racism, educational and employment equity are critical issues in today's workplaces and in everyday interactions.
The curriculum provides an understanding of how training and other organizational change strategies can be applied in different social systems (e.g., education, health care, social services, cultural organizations, mass media, government, and employment, etc.). The students will analyze relevant theories, explore different models, and practice specific experiential training skills. The underlying approach to these diverse learning experiences is social change at the level of the individual, group, organization, institution and collective culture.




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