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Professor Adelson is currently the Associate Dean, Research in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies. She is not taking on new graduate students at this time.

Graduate Primary Supervision

Ph.D. Supervision

  • Elysée Nouvet, Dissertation Title: Poverty and Pain: Materializing Forces of Distress in Contemporary Nicauragua. Completed July 2011. Current: Post-Doctoral Fellow in Ethics in Humanitarian Aid, McMaster U.
  • Ana Ning, Dissertation title: 'Addiction' and 'Health': Exploring Multiple Discourses within Medical Practices. Completed April 1999. Current: Asst. Professor, U. Windsor
  • Margaret MacDonald, Dissertation title: Expectations: The Cultural Construction of Normalcy in Pregnancy. Completed April 1999. Current: Asst. Professor, York U.
  • Jacquelyne Luce, Dissertation title: Queer Conceptions: Lesbian/Bi/Queer Women, Assisted Reproduction and the Politics of Kinship. Completed August 2002. Current: Research Scientist
  • Michelle Wyndham-West, Dissertation Title: Is it Worth the Shot? Ontario Women's Negotiations of Risk, Gender and the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine. CIHR Doctoral Fellowship. Completed April, 2014.
  • Karen O'Connor, Dissertation Topic: Apprehending North American Interventions: Memories and Perceptions of American Military Violence and Humanitarian Aid in the Dominican Republic

M.A. Supervision

  • Mary Jean Hande, Thesis Topic: MS Liberation Therapy. Completed September 2012. Current PhD Student, OISE.
  • Robert Ferguson, Thesis Title: Crowdsourcing Health Information: An Ethnographic Exploration Of Public And Private Health Information on Completed December 2011. Current: PhD student, McGill U.
  • Pia Kontos, Thesis Title: “Constructing Old Age in a Place Called Home”. Completed September 1995. Current: Phd (UofT), Research Scientist, Baycrest Centre
  • Natacha Pravaz, Research Essay Title: The Social Construction of Risk: The Problem of AIDS. Completed October 1995. Current: PhD (York U), Assoc. Professor, Wilfred Laurier University.
  • Jacquelyne Luce, Thesis Title: “Visible Bodies: Revealing the Paradox of Pregnancy”. Com­pleted October 1996. Current: Lecturer, Zeppelin University
  • Sean Brotherton, Thesis Title: “Contagious Bodies: Life in a Jamaican AIDS Hospice.” Completed September 1998. Current: Asst. Prof., Yale University
  • Heather Goodman, Research Essay Title: “The Visible Human Project: Rethinking the (Virtual) Body.” Completed December 1998.
  • Michal Nahman, Thesis Title: “Embodied Stories, Pragmatic Lives.” Completed September 2000. Current: PhD (Lancaster U), Senior Lecturer, University of the West of England
  • Danielle Cullimore, Research Essay title: “It’s Natural, Isn’t it?: Considering the Denaturalization and Re-naturalization of Menstruation in the Promotion of Menstrual Suppression.” Completed August 2002. Current: International NGO work.
  • Andre Goldenberg, Research Essay Title: “Urban Aboriginal Health and Governance: Rethinking the Policies, Politics and Paradigms of Community.” Completed September, 2001. Current: LLB (Osgoode), Lawyer/Policy Analyst, Department of Justice, Ottawa.
  • Jean MacDonald, Thesis Topic: Disappearing Bodies on Vancouver's Lower East Side. Completed October, 2003. Current: PhD student
  • Marni Lifshen, Thesis Title: “Borderlines: Social Construction, HIV/AIDS and Medical Epistemology”. Completed May, 2005. Current: Independent research consultant.
  • Caglayan Ayhan, Thesis Title: “In the Name of Modernity, for the Sake of the Nation: Madness, Psychiatry and Politics from the Ottoman Empire to the Turkish Republic (1500s-1950s). “ Completed June, 2005. Current: Foreign Relations Co-ordinator, Turkey.
  • Beth Dewitt, Thesis Topic: “I swam across all that”: An Ethnography of Cambodian Women’s Strength. Completed Sept, 2007. OTC – Health Services and Health Policy Diploma. Current: Researcher, Anzen
  • Melanie Hammond, Thesis Title: Twenty-Two Lenses for a Single Diagnosis: An Ethnography of ADHD. Completed July, 2008. Current: Research Associate, University Health Network Family Health Team.
  • Fatimah Jackson, Research Essay Title: Examining Mental Health Care: Potentialities of a Service Model for Blacks in Canada. OTC – Health Services and Health Policy Trainee. Completed January, 2009.
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