Tania Ahmad
Department of
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Tania Ahmad

Sessional Assistant Professor

Vari Hall Rm 2040

4700 Keele Street

North York, ON M3J 1P3

Phone: 416-736-2100 ext 77783

E-mail: ahmadta@yorku.ca


I come to York after teaching at the University of Toronto and Franklin & Marshall College (a liberal arts college in Pennsylvania). I am originally from Montreal, and studied at McGill, Université de Montréal and Stanford University. My research is on women and what it means to be middle-class in Karachi, Pakistan. More broadly, my interests include postcolonial cities, Muslim societies and popular culture. I am really looking forward to teaching courses on gender and sexuality, and am very keen on meeting the students at York. I am sure that we will have lots of fun – the GTA is such a fantastic place to learn anthropology! We will definitely take advantage of the world outside the classroom to practice creative thinking, observation and analysis. Our goal will be for you to learn how feminist and queer anthropology have profoundly shaped how all anthropologists think about identity, performance and perhaps most importantly, who makes ‘the rules’ and how often they are ‘broken’ in practice. This is about what is assumed to be ‘normal,’ how it got to be that way and what it excludes. If you have ever jaywalked, done your homework on the job or been reprimanded by an authority figure, I expect to see you in one of my courses on the anthropology of gender and sexuality.



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