Carlota McAllister
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Ph.D. supervision:

     Laura Eramian (Anthropology, 2006-2010)

     Michelle Switzer (Anthropology, in progress; 2008-present)

     Mary Gaudet (Anthropology, left programme; 2005-2009)

Ph.D. committee membership:

     Kirsten Weld (History, Yale University, 2007-2010)

     Elysee Nouvet (Anthropology, 2005-2011)

     Nelson Ferguson (Anthropology, in progress; 2008-present)

     Karen O’Connor (Anthropology, in progress; 2009-present)

     Siobhan McCollum (Anthropology, in progress; 2009-present)

     Georgia Marman (Anthropology, left programme; 2005-2009)

M.A. supervision:

     Sara Schroeter (Interdisciplinary Studies, 2006-2009)

     Katie Macdonald (Interdisciplinary Studies, 2007-2009)

     David Pal (Anthropology, in progress; 2006-present)

     Megan Cotton-Kinch (Anthropology, in progress; 2007-present)

M.A. committee membership:

     Rachel O’Donnell (Political Science; 2005-2006)

     Salman Hussein (Anthropology; 2006-2008)

     Siobhan McCollum (Anthropology; 2006-2009)

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