Gerald (Gerry) Gold
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Gerald L. Gold, Associate Professor, tenured
Ph.D. 1972 University of Minnesota (Anthropology)
M.A. 1968 University of Minnesota (Anthropology)
B.A. 1966 McGill University (Anthropology)
Ph.D. Thesis: "The Emergence of a Commercial Bourgeoisie in a French Canadian Town."
1976-99 Associate Professor Department of Anthropology, York University
1984-87 Chair, Department of Anthropology, York University
1975-76 Professeur agrégé (tenured), Associate Professor, Université Laval
	 1970-74 Assistant Professor of Sociology and anthropology,
Glendon College, York University.
	1969-1970 Assistant Professor of Sociology and anthropology,
				 University of Guelph, Ontario.
1981 Faculty of Arts Fellowship, York University
1993 fellow American Anthropological Association
1988 Canadian Studies Fellowship Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel
Administrative positions and selected committee membership:
Chair, Department of Anthropology, York University 1983-1986
Chair, Commission on Disability, American Anthropological Association, 1991-1997
Curriculum Committee, Faculty of Graduate Studies, York University, 1993-1994
Physical Needs and Resources SubCommittee, York University 1995-
Graduate Teaching (required seminar in research methods):1988-1989, 1989-1990, 1990-1992, 1993-1996
An 5U20.03 Qualitative Methods in Social Anthropology,
An 6020.03 Advanced Qualitative Methods in Social Anthropology,
An 6030.03 Quantitative Methods in Social Anthropology 1990, 1994-1995
Research Grants
1999 SSHRCCMinor research grant, Sociocultural Perspectives of Long Term Disability
1995 SSHRCCMinor research grant, The social construction of access.
	 ($1,500 plus $1,000 from Faculty of Environmental Studies)
1991-1994	Secretary of State, Multiculturalism Directorate ($22,000)
Emergence of Israeli Ethnicity in Toronto
1976-1991 Ford Foundation Ethnicity and Adaptation in French-speaking south Louisiana, ($100,000 U.S. plus supplemental grants)
Books (Completed before illness and currently in preparation)
(Edited Journal issue) 1994Working with disability: an anthropological perspective. Anthropology of Work Review 15 [no.2-3]
Minorities and Mother Country Imagery, Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER), St.John's, Nfld: Memorial University.1985.
Saint-Pascal. Changing Leadership and Social Organization in a Quebec Town. (Revised Edition) Prospect Heights, III.: Waveland Press.
Virtual disability: disability in cyberspace. Manuscript in preparation, winter 2001.
Chapters in Books
(in press) 2001, Rediscovering Place: Fieldwork by a Quadriplegic Anthropologist, in The Wounded Anthropologist, Susan DiGiacomo ed., New York: Gordon Breach.
(In press) 2001.
2001. (In press) Searching for the Cure. "Virtual Disability and Collective Action."
InSemiotics and Disability: Interrogating Categories of Difference. Linda Rogers and Beth Swadmore eds. Suny Press.
2000. (in press) "Virtual Disability: Sameness and Difference in an Electronic Support Group" in P. Devlegier and F. Rusch eds to., Similar and Different: Core Concepts and the Coming of Disability Studies.
1996 a [with Sumi Colligan] Disability. New York: Henry Holt and co. Encyclopedia of Anthropology. pp. 345-7.
1996b The myth of Return and Israeli Ethnicity in Toronto. In H. Adelman and J. Simpson (Eds.) Multiculturalism and Identities in Canada. Magnes Press return: Jerusalem.
1996c [with Rina Cohen] The Myth of Return and Israeli ethnicity in Toronto. in H.Adelman and John Sirnpson eds. Multiculturalism, Jews, and identities in Canada. ssouri In French America: Minority Identity and Minority Experience Across the Continent. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press.
1992 Israeli Immigrants and 'Canadian Jews' in Toronto. In S. Fishbane, S. Schoenfeld and Al. Goldschlager, Eds. Essays in the Social Scientific Study of Judaism and Jewish Society, Vol. II, Hoboken, NJ:Ktav.
1990 Finding French America: Quebec Anthropology and the Defination of a Culture Area," in R. Winthrop (ed.), Culture and the Anthropological Tradition: Essays in Honor of Robert F. Spencer. Latham. MD.: Press of America.
Journal Articles (refereed joutnals)
2000 (refereed review article) "The Lived Experience of Paralysis (Albert Robillard,)
Body & Society 6 (2): 103-108. 2000
1997 [with Rina Cohen] "Constructing Ethnicity: Myth of return and Modes of Exclusion among Israelis in Toronto." International Migration 35 (3):373-394.
1996 [with Rina Cohen] "The myth of record and the development of a distinct ethnic community." Jewish Journal of Sociology 37:17-27.
1994"Working with disability: an anthropological perspective." in Anthropology of Work Review 15 [no.2-3]: 1 -5,19-21 and editor of entire issue.
1995 "Will you be transferring? Para-transit Drivers and their Passengers." in Elaine Makas and Mitchell Laplante eds., Edward S. Muskie Institute of Public Affairs, University of Southern
Conference Papers
1999 " The social context of privately sponsored long term disability: Canadian research in a neglected domain of disability studies."
Paper posted at the annual meeting of the Society for Disability Studies.
1996a Is there a culture of disability? Annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association, San Francisco.
1996b "An electronic support group for multiple sclerosis. " Albuquerque: Society for Applied Anthropology.
1994 "Caretakers in a Miniaturized World: Encounters Between a Disabled Anthropologist and Para-transit Drivers." American Anthropological Association, Washington.
1993 Will you be transferring? Para-transit Drivers and their Passengers. Society for Studies, Seattle.
1993 "Creating a Post-Zionist Identity: Israeli Emigrants in Toronto." Canadian Anthropology Association, Toronto, Ont.
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