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Selected Publications

2013 (with J Childerhose). Health Consumption as Work: The Home Pregnancy Kit as a Domesticated Health Tool. Social Science and Medicine. 86 (June): 1-8.
  The biopolitics of maternal mortality. Anthropological observations from the Women Deliver Conference in Kuala Lumpur. Somatosphere. Science, Medicine and Anthropology. July 25.
2012 “Natural Birth at the Turn of the Twenty-First Century: Implications for Gender.” In C Brettell and C Sargent (eds.). Gender in Cross Cultural Perspective (Sixth Edition). Boston, MA: Pearson.
2011 The cultural evolution of natural birth.  The Lancet. 378 (July 30): 394-395.
2009 MacDonald, M and IL Bourgeault. “The Ontario Midwifery Model of Care.” In R Davis-Floyd and L Barclay (eds.). Birth Models that Work. Berkeley: University of California Press. Pp 89-118.
2007 At Work in the Field of Birth: Midwifery Narratives of Nature, Tradition and Home. Nashville: Vanderbilt University Press.
2006 “Gender Expectations: Natural Bodies and Natural Births in the New Midwifery in Ontario.” Medical Anthropology Quarterly. 20(2): 235-256.
2006 Bourgeault, IL, Luce, J, & MacDonald, M. “The caring dilemma in midwifery: balancing the needs of midwives and clients in a continuity of care model of practice.” Community, Work and Family. 9(4): 398-406.
2004 "Tradition as a Political Symbol in the New Midwifery in Ontario." In I L Bourgeault, C Benoit, and R Davis-Floyd (eds.). Reconceiving Midwifery: The New Canadian Model. Montreal: McGill-Queens University Press. Pp 46-66.
2001 "Postmodern Negotiations with Medical Technology: The Role of Midwifery Clients in the New Midwifery in Canada." Medical Anthropology. 20: 245-276.
2001 "The Politics of Representation: Doing and Writing Interested Research on Midwifery." Resources for Feminist Research. 28(1/2): 151-168.

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