Karl Schmid
Department of
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Prof. Schmid has taught a wide range of courses in every undergraduate year. He has participated in collaborative curriculum development with the Center for a Public Anthropology, and in the formulation of expected learning outcomes for the department. He was nominated in 2010-2011 for the Ian Greene Award for Teaching Excellence at York University, and won Public Anthropology’s Eleanor Roosevelt Global Citizenship Award in 2010. The award recognizes Prof. Schmid’s exemplary teaching on ethical issues within anthropology, as well as his efforts to develop students’ abilities to take classroom knowledge and apply it to real world challenges. Several of his students have won awards for their public writing on ethical issues (Link to YFile article).


Recently in his Public Anthropology course (ANTH3120A), students produced videos on anthropological contributions to current public issues. You can watch some of them here:


1. on social media
2. on prostitution
3. on teens and violence  




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