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2009 “Union is Strength”: W.L. Mackenzie, the Children of Peace and the Emergence of Joint Stock Democracy in Upper Canada (Toronto, University of Toronto Press).


2000 Colonial "Reformation" in the Highlands of Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, 1892-1995  (Toronto, Anthropological Horizons Series 14, University of Toronto Press).


1993 Awaiting the Millennium: The Children of Peace and the Village of Hope, 1812 -1889 (Toronto, University of Toronto Press).  Reprinted 2003.

Book Chapters:


2003 “Through a glass darkly: Charity, Conspiracy and Power in New Order Indonesia” for the volume, Transparency and Conspiracy: Power Revealed and Concealed in (the) Global Village(s) edited by Harry G. West and Todd Sanders. (Durham, Duke University Press).


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1998 “Returning to the ‘Origin’: Church and State in the Ethnogenesis of the ‘To Pamona’.” In Southeast Asian Identities: Culture and the Politics of Representation in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand edited by Joel Kahn, pp. 203-26. (Singapore/New York/London; ISEAS/St. Martin’s Press/Taurus).



2011 “A Genealogy of Corporate Governmentality in the Realm of the ‘Merchant-King’: The Netherlands Trading Company and the Management of Dutch PaupersEconomy & Society 40(3):  373-98.


2011 “Policing Production: Corporate Governmentality and the Cultivation SystemFocaal: Journal of Historical and Global Anthropology, 2011 (61): 75-90.


2011 “‘Money bound you – money shall loose you”: Gift Giving, Social Capital and the Meaning of Money in Upper Canada” Comparative Studies in Society and History, 53(2): 1-30.


2010 Regenten (‘Gentlemanly’) Capitalism: Saint-Simonian Technocracy and the emergence of the ‘Industrial Great Club’ in the mid-Nineteenth-Century Netherlands” Enterprise and Society 11(3): 1-31.


2010 “The Gentlemanly Order & the Politics of Production in the Transition to Capitalism in Upper Canada” Labour/ Le Travail 65(1): 9-45.


2008 “Revolutions without a Revolutionary Moment: Joint Stock Democracy & the Transition to Capitalism in Upper Canada” Canadian Historical Review 89(2): 223-55.


2007 “A Farmers’ Alliance: The Joint Stock Companies of the Home District and the Economic Roots of Deliberative Democracy in Upper Canada” Ontario History XCIX(2): 190-219.


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2003 With Deborah James. “An Apartheid of Souls: Dutch and Afrikaner Colonialism and its aftermath: An Introduction.” Itinerario 27 (3/4): 49-80.

2002 “The Miser's Store: Property and Traditional Law in the Governance of the Economy.” Journal of Peasant Studies 29(2): 24-46.


2001 “Sitting in Silence: Self, Emotion and Tradition in the Genesis of a Charismatic Ministry.” Ethos 29 (4): 1-23.

2001 “The Benevolent Colonies of Johannes van den Bosch: Continuities in the Administration of Poverty in the Netherlands and Indonesia” Comparative Studies in Society and History 43(2): 298-328.

2001  “Comment on ‘Anthropology and/of Modernity’ by Joel Kahn” Current Anthropology 42(5): 672.


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1999 “’I was a Stranger, and ye took me in…’: Charity, Moral Economy and the Children of Peace.” Canadian Historical Review. Vol. 80 (4): 624-40.


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1990  “The Separation of the Children of Peace.” Quaker History Vol. 79 (1):1-19.


1988  “The Politics of Schism: The Separation of the Children of Peace, 1812.” Ontario History Vol. LXXX (1): 31-52.

Unrefereed Publications:

2007 “Children of Peace” in Mark Fram, ed. Rebuilding Hope: The Sharon Temple After 175 Years (Sharon, Sharon Temple Museum Society).


2005 with Mark Fram, 4SQUARE: An Introduction to the Sharon Temple National Historic Site, to the Children of Peace who made it, and to their place in the history of Canada before Canada (Toronto, Coach House Books).


2000 with Christopher Densmore, co-editor. “The best man for settling new country…”: The Journal of Timothy Rogers (Toronto; Monograph Series Number Two, Canadian Friends Historical Association).


1995 editor, Faith, Friends and Fragmentation: Essays on Nineteenth Century Quakerism in Canada (Toronto; Monograph Series Number One, Canadian Friends Historical Association).



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