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Curriculum Vitae

Books (refereed)

2007 "We Are Now a Nation": Croats between 'Home' and 'Homeland'" Toronto: University of Toronto Press

Chapters in Books (refereed)

2012 “Family Matters: Finding Solutions to Youth Homelessness” in Youth Homelessness in Canada: a Reader. Gaetz, S. , Karabanow, J, O’Grady, B. (eds.) (Forthcoming, November)

2010  “Mujaheddin in our Midst: Bosnian Croats after Dayton” in L. Šaric, (ed.) Contested Cultural Identities: Discursive Responses to the Challenges of Changing Europe London: Routledge.

2008 "Transnationalism in Post-Conflict Contexts: Croatia" in D. Kostovicova (ed) Transnationalism in the Balkans. London: Routledge Press

2006 "Claiming to be Croat: The Risks of Return to the Homeland" pp. 201-220, in V. Amit and N. Dyck, (eds.) Claiming Individuality: The Cultural Politics of Distinction. London , UK : Pluto Press

2005 "Raising the Curtain: Transnationalism in the Post-Communist World" in V. Satzewich and L. Wong (eds.) Transnational Communities in Canada : Emergent Identities, Practices and Issues Vancouver : University of British Columbia Press

2005 "Nation-Building, Nation-Bonding: Croatian Diaspora and the Homeland" in H. Riegler (ed.) The Politics of Exile: the Role of Diasporas in Nation Building. Austrian Institute of International Affairs, Baden-Baden , Germany : Nomos Pub.

2004 "Croatian Diaspora" In Encyclopedia of Diasporas-Immigrant and Refugee Cultures Around the World" in M. Ember, C. Ember, I. Skoggard (eds.) New Haven : Kluwer/Plenam Press

Articles (refereed)

2012 “Between Two Wars: Generational Responses of Croats to Homeland Independence” Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 38(9) (forthcoming, December)

2006 "Ten Years Later: the Changing Nature of Transnational Ties in post-Independence Croatia" Ethnopolitics, 5(3):295-307

2006 "Revisiting a Case Study of Hmong Refugees and Ontario Mennonites" Journal of Mennonite Studies, 24:169-176

2002 "The Politics of Desire and Disdain: Croatian Identity Between "Home" and "Homeland". American Ethnologist 29(3): 693-718

2000 "Vision Impaired: The Cultural Politics of Everyday Life in Croatia" Anthropology of East Europe Review 18(2):31-37

1998a "'Our Home and Native Land ?' Canadian Ethnic Scholarship and the Challenge of Transnationalism" Canadian Review of Sociology and Anthropology, 35(4):521-543

1998b "Croatians 'Here' and 'There': Diaspora and the Politics of Desire". Revija za Sociologiju, 29(1):49-59

1995 "We Are Now an Actual Nation": The Impact of National Independence on the Croatian Diaspora in Canada ", Diaspora , 4(1):3-30

1994 "Conversion and Community: Hmong Refugee Women and Christianity" Canadian Journal of Sociology , 19(1):21-45

1993 "The Quest for Mennonite Peoplehood: Ethno-religious Identity and the Dilemma of Definitions", Canadian Review of Sociology and Anthropology , 30(1):110-138

1992 "Native Scholarship: the Enigma of Self-Definition among Jewish
and Mennonite Scholars" Journal of Historical Sociology , 5(4):431-461

1992 "The Role of Religious Affiliation in Refugee Resettlement: the Case of Hmong Mennonites" Canadian Ethnic Studies , 24(1):96-119

1987 "Women and Religion: Mennonite Hmong", Refuge 6(3):3-6

Conference/Workshop Proceedings (refereed)

2003 "Diasporic Influence on Host Country Domestic Political Activity: Croatians in Canada or Croatian-Canadians?" in Saki ƒ et. al. (eds) Immigrants and Homeland Institute of Social Sciences, Zagreb pp. 143-157

1981 "Recommendations for M.A. Programs in Anthropology" in W. Adcock and G. Gold (eds.) Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Ontario Association of Sociology and Anthropology , pp. 4-23

Review Essays (refereed)

2012Why We Come Back to Diasporas: Heterogeneous Groups and the Persistent Dream of Political Action” Diaspora: Journal of Transnational Studies 16(1/2)

Commentaries (refereed)


2010 “Community as ‘Good to Think With’: The Productiveness of Strategic Ambiguities”. Anthropologica 52#2

Book Reviews

2009 Trbovich, A. A Legal Geography of Yugoslavia’s Disintegration. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008. H-Net Reviews in Humanities and Social Sciences, http://www.h-net.org/reviews, In press

2008 Green, S. F., Notes from the Balkans: Locating Marginality and Ambiguity in the Greek-Albanian Border. Princeton: Princeton University. 2005. Journal of Modern Greek Studies, 29(2):494-495

2002 Das, V., A. Kleinman, M. Lock, M. Ramphele and P. Reynolds (eds.) Remaking a World: Violence, Social Suffering, and Recovery. University of California Press, 2001. American Ethnologist , Volume 29(3):756-758

1996 Donnelly, N. Changing Lives of Refugee Hmong Women ( Philadelphia , Pa. : Temple University Press) in Contemporary Sociology , 25(1):37-38

1996 Chan, S. Hmong Means Free ( Seattle University Washington Press) in Contemporary Sociology , 25(1):38-39

1995 Margolis, M. Little Brazil : An Ethnography of Brazilian Immigrants in New York City ( Princeton , N.J. : Princeton University Press) in Canadian Journal of Urban Research 4#1:163-164

Commissioned Reports

2011 - “Family Matters: Homeless Youth and Eva’s Family Reconnect Program”. The Homeless Hub report series #3. Co-authored with S. Gaetz and T. Patton

2001 - Centre of Excellence for Research on Immigration and Settlement (CERIS) Report "Civic Participation and Homeland Ties: A Comparative Study of Croatians and Sri Lankan Tamils in the Greater Toronto Area - Policy Implications"

1991 - "A Review of the Private Sponsorship Program for Refugees". Commissioned by Employment and Immigration Canada (45 pages)

1990 - "Mental Health Care Policy in Ontario : a Strategy for Change", Commissioned by the Laidlaw Foundation of Canada (25 pages)

1989 - " Transition College : A Program Evaluation of a New Initiative in Mental Health Care Provision in Ontario :, Commissioned by the Laidlaw Foundation of Canada (18 pages)




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