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Undergraduate Anthropology

Anthropology offers students a program of study that begins with the premise that human beings not only act but also think about their actions, and gives them the tools to understand the relationship between these two aspects of behavior across the entire temporal and spatial range of human experience.

Explore how people are subjected to, participate in, and contest the processes of living in a world that is interconnected by powerful economic, cultural and technological forces. Gain the tools necessary for critical analysis of our place in the social and cultural diversity of the world. Engage in topics such as development and the environment, media and culture, health and illness, gender and sexualities, religion and science, and displaced peoples. Learn to think critically about how concepts such as class, race, gender and ethnic identities are produced and expressed. Our goal is to prepare you to ask questions about contemporary, past and future social life.

  • To simplify access to our course offerings, we list them by bothcourse concentration (see below) and lecture schedule.
  • Students are encouraged to take selections from a variety of these concentrations, or may wish to focus on only one or two streams, according to their own interests.
  • Note that in the upper levels, courses overlap between course concentrations.
  • For further information on grading, awards, etc. see our Supplementary minicalendar.


York anthropologists specialize in four broad areas within this range:

Gender, Health & the Body concerns issues of:

  • Disability
  • Global Health
  • Mental Health
  • Food and Nutrition
  • Medical Systems
  • Gender & Sexuality

Many of the courses in this stream can be combined in a Minor in Medical Anthropology.

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Power, Politics & Development concerns issues of:

  • Economics
  • Nationalism, Diaspora and Trans-nationalism
  • Policy
  • Advocacy
  • Social Movements
  • Political Economy
  • (Post) Colonialism

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Studies in Culture and Performance concerns issues of:

  • Public Culture
  • Gender
  • Sexuality
  • Race, Racism
  • Ethnicity
  • Media
  • Visual Culture
  • Tourism

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Nature, Science & Religion concerns issues of:

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Religion
  • Nature
  • Environments

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We offer a Bachelors (BA), Honours BA, International Honours BA, and a variety of minor, major/minor and double major degree programs.