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Committee on Student Academic Petitions


Provisionally approved June 2011

When constituted as the Petitions Committee, the Committee shall:

  1. Track statistical data and, in light of them, make recommendations to Council on policy matters and procedures relating to student academic petitions.


16 faculty members elected at-large for a two-year term
Eight students appointed by the Student Council of the Liberal Arts & Professional Studies on an annual basis

Ex-officio (non-voting) members
Dean or dean’s designate
Chair of Faculty Council or designate
Secretary of Council or designate

Faculty members will be elected at-large for two-year rolling cycle.  Each year, half of the membership turns over and will be replaced on a rotational basis. The Chair of the Committee is selected by the voting members of the Committee for a one-year term.   At all times there shall be at least one member from each of the professional, humanities, and social sciences Departments/Schools. Units will self-identify as one of the following:  humanities, social science, or professional studies, reported to the Council Office by January 1.
At least half of the voting members of the Committee, the majority of whom are full-time faculty members, constitutes a quorum.

When constituted as the Petitions Adjudications Committee, the Committee shall:

  1. Receive and act on student academic petitions, including petitions against the application of Faculty, Departmental and School rules and regulations;
  1. Meet in panels for consideration of cases for the adjudication of petitions and appeals against previous committee decisions.

Petitions Adjudication Committee Membership:

Panels will consist of six voting members of whom two are students, elected by and from the Committee on Student Academic Petitions.  Normally, a panel will have at least three members to adjudicate student academic petitions, of whom one must be a student. During the summer months, or when quorum requirements cannot otherwise be met, membership may be supplemented by a reserve membership drawn from among former members of the Committee. There shall be no ex-officio members.

MEMBERSHIP 2014-2015
Annette Bickford, Department of Social Science
David Ceccheto, Department of Humanities
Cheryl Cowdy, Department of Humanities
Deborah Davidson, Department of Sociology
Denielle Elliott, Department of Social Science
Roberta Iannacito-Provenzano, Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics
Sirvan Karimi, School of Public Policy and Administration
David Koffman, Department of History
Alice MacLachlan, Department of Philosophy
Sarah Maiter, School of Social Work
Merouan Mekouar, Department of Social Science
Antonella Valeo, Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics
Brett Zimmerman, Department of English
Representatives from SCOLAPS:
Jacqueline Baker
Andy Bandora
Maddie Habibinia
Summaiya Haque
Shivansh Jani
Ilmeeyat Mahmud
Areeb Mehdi
Trinh Pham
Ex-Officio Members (non-voting):
Gary Spraakman , Associate Dean, Students
Chair of Faculty Council or designate
Cathy Genua, Petitions Coordinator
Stephen Davis, Petitions Officer


The Committee will normally meet twice a week every  other week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday in four rotating panels.


Rules and Procedures of Council

Petitions Information for Students

Reports to Council