Late Withdrawal Detailed Petition

1. The University sets a deadline, usually around two-thirds of the way through the term of study for the course in question, by which you are required to formally withdraw from a course if you do not want the course on your academic record. It is the responsibility of the student to take his or her circumstances into consideration, and to regularly assess his or her progress in each course, during the term of study, and to decide on that basis whether to drop the course by that "withdrawal deadline", or proceed and receive a final grade. A "late withdrawal" petition is a petition to waive the published withdrawal deadline.

2. There is a deadline for submitting a petition for late withdrawal: thirty days from when classes end for the course in question. The Office of the Registrar lists the "Classes End" date under the "Sessional Dates" that it publishes for each term and session of study. The Senate will allow a petition for late withdrawal to be considered up to one year from when classes end for the course in question, but the petition must be submitted as soon as possible following the thirty-day submission deadline, and include evidence to justify the delay to the point of submission. The Faculty is not obligated to consider a petition submitted beyond one year. A petition submitted beyond either deadline – thirty days, or one year – will require a letter and documentation to explain the delay.

3. A Statement of Grounds your personal letter must provide a detailed, date-specific account of the extenuating circumstances which you believe justify a waiver of the withdrawal deadline.

4. Documentation evidence to support your statement of grounds is essential. You will be required to provide original documentation to support the grounds of your petition. The University requires the completion of a York Attending Physician's Statement (APS) form to document medical grounds.

5. "Selectivity" is the term we use when you are selectively asking to drop only one or a select few of the total number of courses you completed in a term or session of study. Your explanation and evidence must be compelling for the Committee to "selectively" alter your academic record – to let you drop your poorer grades, and keep your better ones.

6. For most courses (exceptions) course directors are required to provide Graded Feedback (15% for a fall, winter or summer term course; 30% for a full year course) by the withdrawal deadline. You must complete work on time, as originally scheduled, to be eligible for this graded feedback. You are not entitled to an extension of the withdrawal deadline because you had work deferred or waived. You will assume responsibility for the academic risks of proceeding in a course without the benefit of graded feedback which would have been available to you if you had completed work on time. At the same time, if the course director fails to provide the class with the graded feedback required by the withdrawal deadline, you must petition for late withdrawal immediately after the class receives the required graded feedback. You are not entitled to wait for additional feedback, or in any way to delay submission of your petition beyond the point when the class is issued the required feedback. In all cases, it is your responsibility to obtain the graded feedback when it is made available to the class.

7. Some grounds that are not compelling: Did not know I was enrolled (should have checked your enrolment record); computer error (the enrolment system very clearly identifies whether or not you have successfully dropped a course, and we have records that will confirm even an unsuccessful attempt to drop a course); unhappy with a grade, or the impact of a grade (all grades impact your academic record, for better or worse, and if you did not want a course to impact your record, then you would have had to drop it by the withdrawal deadline).

8. A Course Performance Summary (CPS) form is required for each petitioned course.


The Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies has a policy of leniency as concerns the withdrawal deadlines of courses completed during a
student's first two terms of study, provided the student:

If you are found to meet the conditions of "first year" leniency, the Faculty may choose to waive the Course Performance Summary (CPS) forms
normally required for such a petition, and to make a decision on the basis of your initial submission. If you have any questions concerning this policy, please contact petitions staff by email at