Waive a Required Withdrawal or Debarment Petition

1. Students with a very poor average (overall GPA below 2.50, on 24 or more credits) or who fail to achieve the minimum standing required by a previously-issued academic or debarment warning, may be required to withdraw from their studies for one year, or debarred from their studies for two years. These are academic penalties, a consequence of poor grades that put you at risk of failing to qualify for a degree. If you believe that you should be allowed to continue your studies without interruption, then you may petition to have your required withdrawal or debarment waived. If the petition is granted, you will return to your studies on debarment warning.

2. A Statement of Grounds your personal letter must provide a detailed, date-specific account of the extenuating circumstances which contributed to your not achieving the required standing, and the steps you will take to earn the required standing. When composing your letter consider that you were responsible for taking your circumstances into consideration, assessing your progress in courses, and dropping courses by the withdrawal deadline, in order to avoid the poor grades. Your letter should answer these questions:

3. You must indicate the grades you will need to meet the conditions of a return on debarment warning and, equally important, the grades you will need to earn the minimum standing required for a BA.

4. Documentation to support your statement of grounds is essential. You will be required to provide original documentation to support the grounds of your petition. The University requires the completion of a York Attending Physician's Statement (APS) form to document medical grounds

The University has created a detailed, interactive presentation on academic standing and penalties that may be accessed through this link.