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Course Credit Exclusions

Course descriptions will include a list of "Course Credit Exclusions". Courses listed under this heading demonstrate significant overlap in the course material such that, a you may not count both the listed course and the course credit exclusion for degree credit. Only one will count for credit.

If you take a course for which you have already previously taken the course credit exclusion you will be considered to have repeated the course. The first course taken will not be counted for degree credit and will be excluded from averages; the second time taken will become the grade of record.

Course credit exclusions will not necessarily fulfill major requirements. You must check the calendar for your program of study requirements to ensure the course(s) you are taking will count for major credit.

Course substitutes and restrictions are listed under each program of study. Courses that are not listed as specific program substitutes may not be used to replace specific course requirements of the program.

It is your responsibility to ensure you are taking the appropriate course(s) to fulfill your requirements for graduation.

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