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The Race, Ethnicity and Indigeneity Program
and the Centre for Feminist Research presents:

Our Legacy: Indigenous-African
Relations Across the Americas

April 29, 30, & May 1, 2011

Cleonice Pankaruru

Ivan Pankaruru (Cacique)

Members of the
Pataxo and Pankaruru
Indigenous Nations

African/Indigenous women in choir in Araquai, Brazil

Bau Women

from Brazilian Quilombo

Miskitu Children

from the Wawa-Boom community, North Atlantic Autonomous Region, Nicaragua

King and Queen,
King Pulanka

"Game of the King", a Miskitu celebration that commemorates the British influence over the Miskitu people. Karata, North Atlantic Autonomous Region, Nicaragua

Miskitu Women,

Members of YATAMA a Miskutu political party running for municipal election) in Puerto Cabezos, North Atlantic Autonomous Region, Nicaragua.

Brazilian photos by Scott Macklin; Nicaraguan photos by Miguel Gonzales".