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Fully Online Courses: York University provides a variety of fully online courses via eLearning - distance education. There are a number of advantages to pursuing online studies. Students enrolled in fully online courses can study from the convenience of their homes, office, library or from anywhere in the world. In addition, students can alleviate their on-campus schedule by mixing in-class courses with online courses. Fully online courses count towards a degree or certificate program in exactly the same way as in-class courses do. The courses have a designated (ONLN)-Fully Online, unlike the LECT or SEMR in-class courses. Students enrolled in eLearning courses will be expected to complete assignments by specific due dates, follow a weekly schedule for learning activities and write supervised formal on-campus examinations in person. Students, however, residing out of the province can make arrangements with the eServices Office to write at another approved post-secondary institution.

Blended Courses: In addition to fully online courses, the university is offering many new blended courses. Blended courses combine in-class and online course delivery. They combine the best of both worlds and are a reflection of the technology era we live in. These courses are considered partial eLearning as approximately 20-80% of the course is conducted online and classroom visits are reduced. The course outline/ website will supply academic course information and instructions on how the course will be organized. The blended courses are identified with an (BLEN)-Lecture+Online. Students enrolled in both these learning formats experience flexible innovative teaching and learning.

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