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Internet Courses

Internet courses bring a university education to you. Whether you are studying online from your home, office, or the other side of the world.

Experience the exciting medium of online learning, interact with professors and fellow students online, and complete courses from the convenience of your computer. Courses are offered in Administrative Studies, English, Health Studies, Humanities, Human Resources Management, Math, Modes of Reasoning, Natural Science, Nursing, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Social Science, and Social Work... and the list keeps growing.

Students enrolled in distance education courses will be expected to complete assignments by specific due dates and write supervised formal on-campus examinations in person or at remote approved institutions. There are no in-class, on-campus lectures.

Internet courses include:

How It Works ...

To enrol in an internet or correspondence course you must be an admitted York University student. If you are not already a York student click here for Admission information and instructions.

All Internet courses are listed online at: Students can select and enrol in courses using the web-based Registration and Enrolment Module (REM), just as they would for any other course. Enrolled students receive detailed instructions via e-mail giving them instructions on how to proceed with the course.

It is vital that you have an active York U e-mail address as all online course instructions and subsequent contact will be via e-mail only. No written correspondence or confirmation of enrolment will be mailed. Click here to activate your York U e-mail account.