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The Wor(l)d Cultures Buddy Project is a peer-to-peer project that pairs international students with students registered in programs housed at the Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics. Selected by first language(s), visiting international students, whose life experiences and knowledge of their home culture and literature are such a rich offering to their peers at York University, are invited to pair up with a DLLL student who is interested in that area of the world.

The project provides opportunities for exchanging cultural experiences, being global buddies in the York University community, and getting engaged with various program and co-curricular activities organized through the Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics. This is a unique opportunity to engage with our global village in all its linguistic and cultural diversity while honing your communication and intercultural skills.

Objectives of the Project

Bi-monthly, one-hour meetings offer you a structured way to connect with peers who seek to share their intercultural experiences!

  • International students: Get connected and be a part of creating new community links with Canadian students who are interested in your country of origin and in practicing your mother tongue.
  • DLLL students: Become a Wor(l)d Buddy and meet international students from various programs and disciplines across the university who bring you the world from their perspective.
  • Make global friendships to find out more about your peers in other countries and learn about how they live and see the world.
  • Gain significant world networking experience.
  • Get involved in cultural events and activities, and information sharing that these new friendships can foster.

Feedback from Students

What interests you most about becoming a
Wor(l)d Buddy?
  • To learn about different cultures, to talk to someone who is informed about the events so I'll be informed too
  • Practicing my language skills and being exposed to new cultures
  • I'd like to discuss about our own countries, what they have in common, what is different. I also would like to improve my English during our discussions
  • To learn about a different language and culture
  • The opportunity for new experiences
  • Connecting with international students
  • I am interested in learning Spanish, the culture, and I am also open to help other students to adapt to this country and culture
  • To communicate with people from many countries and learn more about their culture
  • Exchange our culture, language
  • Knowing more students
  • To know rich culture, and learn Japanese
  • Being able to gain more knowledge about the language and culture from someone who has first-hand experience in the country
  • I would like to share my experiences with others, as well as create more experiences
  • Cultural awareness
  • Travelling, learning about a new culture and language
What are you most looking forward to learning from your buddy?
  • To get the Canadian accent, what he/she thinks about internationals, Canadian life experience
  • Cultural aspects that are different from those in Canada
  • How to live in Canada, tips, what to visit, the culture and the traditions. And correct my English when I don't say something correctly
  • Culture, language, arts
  • Learn about events and share my knowledge
  • Make friends with Canadian people to engage in local society
  • His/her culture
  • Culture of Canada
  • The differences in culture
  • Making a connection with/to someone from a foreign country
  • Language help and life and cultural events from their home country

International Students

Sign up here, and tell us a little about yourself so you can be paired with a DLLL Wor(l)d Buddy.

DLLL Students

Sign up here, and tell us what area(s) of the world you are most interested in learning about from your international buddy. You will be helping a new student at York to make a smooth transition into York University life and connect every two weeks during a semester of studies. This will include oral practice in the language you are learning, and time to share knowledge of each other's culture. You can expect to stay in touch with your Wor(l)d Buddy over a semester (September to December or January to April).

Attend an information session to find out more!

World Buddy – Buddies


  1. Zixuan Ma and Ananka Rodriguez - Spanish
  2. Elena Davydova and Daniel Fridmar – German
  3. Heidi Schloo and Natasha Quinche-Leon – German
  4. Luo Gao and Hao Wang - Chinese
  5. Chengwei Ling and Haosong Xu – Chinese
  6. Elsa Li and Li Zimin – Chinese
  7. Hongbin Chen and Cheuk Ming Ng - Chinese
  8. Yicheng Chen and Bo Li - Chinese
  9. Li Dai and Xuan Lin - Chinese
  10. Jamie Rudberg and Jiaqi Yang – Chinese
  11. Zhitong Cui and Yuanyuan Sun - Chinese

Wor(l)D Cultures Buddy Fair

Prof. Mauro Buccheri, Master, Founders College Diane Woody and Participants at table Dean Martin Singer with participants. Italy Buddy Cultural Display German Buddy Cultural Display

The Wor(l)D Cultures Buddy Fair took place on Dec, 3rd. 2013 and involved the Faculty and many students. Dean Singer was the keynote speaker and several cultures were represented.

  • Maria Ortega and Rosella Tassone - Colombia
  • Jessica Marino and Daniel Fridmar - Germany
  • Fernanda Cieri and Katerina Tetzloff - Italy
  • Yulin He and Dan Geng - China
  • Anna Noh, Amira Abouelalla, and Marissa Corbin - Germany
  • Hye Seung An, Ivan Wang, and Rey Anthony Abdul - Korea
  • Yumiko Kiuchi and Clifford Bridge - Japan
  • Yingqun Chen and Jargal Baasandorj - China
  • Keita Nishiyama and Lilian Chen - Japan
  • Rishika Wadke and Hanna Butt - India
  • Jiayi Hou and Misbah Arshad - China

The program for the Fair is available online



This project is supported by the LA&PS Dean's Internationalization Initiative Fund for Academic Units, and by the Office of the Master, Founders College.

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  Information Session

The next information session will be held on
Monday October 6 , 2014
11:30pm- 12:30pm

in Ross South 562.

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