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Letters of Permission (LOP) Student Checklist


Letter of Permission Requests will only be considered if they are complete and if students are in good standing. All supporting material for the LOP must be clearly presented in paper form in the Main Office of the Department (Ross S561). References to web sites will not be accepted as supporting material. LOP requests must be secured before enrolling at the other university. Please allow sufficient time for consideration of your request (with a minimum of at least 15 days for processing). Priority will be given to students enrolled in DLLL programs.

Make sure that you have included on the LOP form itself:

  • Your e-mail address
  • Your current York faculty
  • Your major at York
  • The session requested (e.g., Summer 2008)
  • The full name of and location information for your host institution

Make sure that you have included with your Letter of Permission Request a statement that gives the following information:

  • The precise dates of the session (beginning and end)
  • How many classroom hours exactly the course involves
  • How many weeks of study the course involves
  • A detailed curriculum or course of study (including syllabus, if possible; textbook used; material covered and evaluation)
  • How many credits you are requesting
  • Whether you have studied this language previously, either here at York or elsewhere (and to which level)
  • Why you wish to take this course elsewhere and not at York University